RoaringApps JSON feed

RoaringApps JSON Feed

While not a true API, a JSON feed of all OS X applications in the RoaringApps database is available at the following url:

The feed is updated daily. It is in the following format:

  "Application name": {
      "id" : ,
      "title": ,
  "Safari": {
      "mtn_status": "works_fine", //Mountain Lion (10.8) status
      "status":"2", //Lion (10.7) status
      "cache_updated": "Jul 12 2012 14:16:29" //when this information was fetched

To generate a URL to the application's page on RoaringApps, replace <id> in the following URL with the application id:<id>

To get the application icon:<icon>

To get a link to the developer's profile:<developer>