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Works fine in 10.7


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GrandTotal is an invoicing application targeted mainly at freelancers, allowing the user to create invoices and estimates (templates or custom) and to track income and do basic accounts receivable.

Version 2.1
Developer Media Atelier
Status Works fine

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No problems in Mountain Lion.

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[ Oly]OlyAnonymous 20 Jul 2012 07:53

Was wondering whether Grand Total is compatible with Mountain Lion, I sent an email to Media Atelier but got no reply.

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[ Andy]AndyAnonymous 20 Jul 2012 14:03

Same here, they didn't answer me either.
Is the company gone?

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[ ]BoekMarc 26 Jul 2012 12:35

Asked on twitter (@mediaatelier), no reply yet…

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[ Juan]JuanAnonymous 29 Jul 2012 22:25

Grandtotal 2.1 works with mountain lion. Confirmed by media atelier via mail support.

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[ MikeLike]MikeLikeAnonymous 07 Aug 2012 01:02

I'm experiencing a strange bug since the 10.8 upgrade (on 10.7, everything was fine). I suspect that it's because of an Open Type Font I am using. The documents look like crap when printed - the layout is correct but it looks as if the printer ran out of toner or someone scratched over the documents. Really not looking professional any more! The thing is: it happens only when I use a OTF font so I suspect that it's because of that… by the way: PDFs, generated by GrandTotal have the same issue. Important: I've tested it and this problem is really ONLY a GrandTotal problem! My other software (Adobe stuff, TextEdit, Mail, etc.) all work perfectly with the same font and also PDFs rendered from other software work fine.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Ron]RonAnonymous 20 Jul 2011 09:41

According to Media Atelier version 2.0.1 is required for Lion compatibility.

In reality 1.6.5 works just fine on Lion… seems to be an attempt to try to get more people to upgrade.

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[ Peter]PeterAnonymous 21 Oct 2011 14:41

My search function doesn't seem to work in Lion and I am on 1.6.5

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