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Digital Performer

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Digital Performer lets you record, edit, arrange, mix, process, and master audio and MIDI tracks side by side for songwriting, studio production, live performance, film and television sound tracks, audio post production, surround mixing, and other professional audio production tasks.

Version 7.24
Developer MOTU
Status Works fine

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DP 7.24 has shipped with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) compatibility. It is free of charge to all registered DP7 owners.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ monkeybird]monkeybirdmonkeybird 09 Jul 2011 04:17

Motunation has a thread about Lion compatibility. So far, no word from users or MOTU.

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[ ]Anonymous 09 Jul 2011 11:07

Installed DP 7.23 on a separate partition (of course) with Lion GM. The app freezes after opening (wheel of death). So far it's a no go.

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[ monkeybird]monkeybirdmonkeybird 21 Jul 2011 19:27

Latest Lion compatibility news from MOTU:

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[ monkeybird]monkeybirdmonkeybird 21 Jul 2011 19:35

Info about Lion + audio apps at Sweetwater (they will update this page as they receive more info):

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[ Kev]KevAnonymous 22 Jul 2011 13:45

Has anyone testing DP6 with Lion?

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[ Kev]KevAnonymous 24 Jul 2011 20:47

I fired up DP6 with Lion, works fine.

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