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Unknown in 10.8

Doesn't work in 10.7

NX Client

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NoMachine NX is an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, desktop virtualization, and hosted desktop deployment built around the self-designed and self-developed NX suite of components. Thanks to its outstanding compression, session resilience and resource management
and its integration with the powerful audio, printing and resource sharing capabilities of the Unix world, NX makes it possible to run any graphical application on any operating system across any network connection. Via
NX accessing remote desktops, servers and applications, whatever their location, is just as fast, easy and secure as if you were sitting in front of them. Together with easy-to-use management, deployment, and monitoring tools, NoMachine NX makes it possible to transform any traditional desktop computing environment into a centrally managed, globally accessible, virtual desktop infrastructure.

Version 3.5.0-6
Website http://www.nomachine.com
Status Unknown

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This is a PPC-compiled app. Unfortunately since Lion does not include Rosetta, NX Client cannot be used.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Matt E]Matt EAnonymous 22 Jun 2011 02:52

Try the version 4 preview - it is backwards compatible with 3.x and native (no X11)

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[ matarese]matareseAnonymous 27 Jun 2011 07:36

this version 4 preview is not working at all, its totally messing up the screen resolution here on Lion v4 so that its not usable. anybody any luck connecting to nx server?

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[ Josh B]Josh BAnonymous 11 Jul 2011 14:43

Try OpenNX. The UI isn't great, and it's an older rev of the NX client libraries, but at least it works under Lion: http://opennx.net.

The v4 preview crashes on connect on my machines (to both commercial NX and freenx servers).

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[ Eddie X]Eddie XAnonymous 26 Jul 2011 21:54

Just like Josh B, I'm using openNX. At least for my purposes is just as good as the regular No Machine's NX Client.

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[ Hugues]HuguesAnonymous 28 Oct 2011 02:25

Tried OpenNX on Lion (10.7.2). It crashes every time.

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