Adobe Photoshop CS5.1

Some problems in 10.8

Some problems in 10.7

Adobe Photoshop CS5.1

Supports iCloud

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The newest version of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended software delivers all the state-of-the-art editing, compositing, and painting capabilities in industry-standard Photoshop CS5 plus breakthrough tools for 3D and motion editing.

Version 12.1
Developer Adobe Systems
Status Some problems

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Some issues with droplets and selecting objects, etc:

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Rolandius]RolandiusRolandius 30 Jun 2011 07:48

Although 12.1 is the "newest" version, it is almost exactly like 12.0.4 according to Adobe.

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aaAnonymous 09 Jul 2011 15:54


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[ el Rafa]el RafaAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 23:45

Droplets don't work in Photoshop CS3, CS4, and CS5

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[ ]avil4723 23 Jul 2011 09:35

So the newest version 12.1 works fine now?

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[ Miyna]MiynaAnonymous 28 Jul 2011 20:21

Causes account to logout periodically, losing whatever is saved.

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[ ]PixelHermit 30 Aug 2011 20:17

Photoshop CS 5.1 v12.1 (installed in Snow Leopard as part of Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection) almost always crash when I select a colour for use with the Type Tool. Perhaps a memory issue though, since my Intel C2D 24" iMac only have 4 GB of RAM.

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[ DBLClick]DBLClickAnonymous 04 Sep 2011 14:04

Lion utilizes much more memory than Snow Leopard, photoshop needs room to breath and required me to upgrade memory from 4 to 8 gb.

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[ ]Landon Curt Noll 01 Oct 2011 21:45

Photoshop CS5.1 v12.1 x_64 on a MacBook Pro with 4GB ram running OS X 10.7.1 appears to work fine … or at least as good as it did under Snow Leopard.

My Photoshop CS5.1 v12.1 x_64 was purchased as an individual product and not part of a Creative Suite, BTW.

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[ ]Matt Gentile 10 Dec 2011 04:02

Is this app considered Photoshop CS5.1 Extended or just CS5 Extended?

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