Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Doesn't work in 10.8

Doesn't work in 10.7

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Supports iCloud

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Supports retina graphics

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Not available on the Mac App Store

You are B.J. Blazkowicz, a highly decorated Army Ranger recruited into the Office of Secret Actions (OSA) tasked with escaping and then returning to Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to thwart Heinrich Himmler’s occult and genetic experiments. Himmler believes himself to be a reincarnation of a 10th century dark prince, Henry the Fowler, also known as Heinrich. Through genetic engineering and the harnessing of occult powers, Himmler hopes to raise an unstoppable army to level the Allies once and for all.

Version 1.41
Developer id Software
Status Doesn't work

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Timothy M.Timothy M.Anonymous 20 Apr 2012 16:40

I can confirm this works in Lion. Someone released a strict Intel-based version a little over a year ago.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Rolandius]RolandiusRolandius 02 Jul 2011 02:19

Supported on Power PC Macintosh Computers Only.

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[ Andrew]AndrewAnonymous 25 Jul 2011 21:52

I can confirm this game works on as new of releases as 10.3 and 10.4 (Dual G4 MDD).

Can anyone confirm or deny whether it also works on latter 10.5 or 10.6?

It would be nice to know which version to stick with to play favorite games.

The ability to play this classic multiplayer game is a must!

If Windows 7 can play Quake 2, a Windows 98 game,
Apple needs to get backwards comparability going if they want to entice the gaming market.

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