Unknown in 10.8

Doesn't work in 10.7


Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

DeskShade icon

Available on the Mac App Store
Not available on the Mac App Store

DeskShade cures boring and cluttered desktops. Why bother with a desktop picture when it's covered by ugly icons? Are you happy with a static background?

Version 2.1
Developer MacRabbit
Status Unknown

0 ratings

Won't let unlock your computer after locking it through the app! MacRabbit appears to have discontinued this app unfortunately.

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[ Floschi]FloschiAnonymous 28 Jul 2012 16:13

clean desktop works on 10.7 - lock never checked.
Will not try to lock my mac after reading this notes.

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maryan abdimaryan abdiAnonymous 16 Nov 2012 03:46

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