FlatOut 2

Some problems in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

FlatOut 2

Supports iCloud

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Supports retina graphics

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Version 1.04
Developer Virtual Programming
Website http://www.vpltd.com/software/flatout2
Status Some problems

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1.04 fixes Mountain Lion graphics issues for improved performance on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. NOTE: Updating from previous versions may discard game save data.

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[ a Martin]a MartinAnonymous 31 Jul 2012 23:16

Lots of graphics anomalies in Mountain Lion on my computer running a GeFore GTX670 graphics card. It's in a Hackintosh, so I know it's not really tested/supported, but it makes me wonder how the game looks on a MacBook Pro Retina which has the same generation of graphics (except that it's mobile of course).

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ ]Anonymous 30 Dec 2011 18:44

lick my bottom

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