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Mind mapping software.

Version 5.5.3
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According to the latest update, this application is Lion ready. I have not tested it to confirm.

From the website:

"OS X Lion Support

iMindMap 5.2 features an enhanced permissions system to deal with the new OS X Lion operating system. The first time you run iMindMap on OS X Lion you will get a pop up asking for your users password, this is used by the operating system to allow iMindMap to set permissions on its own data folder. You will notice that the Lion interface features the new scroll bars, buttons, etc that are a part of the new look for OS X Lion.

Note that Lion does not appear to ship with Java at this time, therefore you will be prompted the first time you run any Java application that you do not have Java. If you click Ok at this prompt OS X will download and install Java for you, then you can continue to use iMindMap."

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