Paragon NTFS

Works fine in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Paragon NTFS

Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

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Available on the Mac App Store
Not available on the Mac App Store

After the installation is impossible to search files on ntfs hdd.

Version 10.0.0
Status Works fine

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Works fine on 10.8 DP1, as well as DP4

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[ john c.]john c.Anonymous 01 Aug 2012 00:03

It works fine. Just updated my mid 2010 MBP from 10.7.2 to Mountain lion. Can read/write from and to external hard drive.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ JAL]JALAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 17:44

According to the Paragon web site, NTFS for Mac is compatible with Lion. I haven't personally verified this.

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[ ]Anonymous 22 Jul 2011 13:53

Kernel panic when you try to delete a file from a external drive

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[ LFC]LFCAnonymous 22 Jul 2011 13:55

Deleting any file from a NTFS drive causes a kernel panic

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[ Radde]RaddeAnonymous 23 Jul 2011 11:33

My external NTFS drive does´t show up in finder at all.

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[ marzib]marzibAnonymous 24 Jul 2011 19:23

Worked for a little while, but now as soon as I plug in my external NTFS drive, the memory usage of my Finder app on Lion starts quickly increasing to about 2.5GB of RAM and the whole computer is unresponsive

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[ jerembou6]jerembou6Anonymous 26 Jul 2011 14:06

The files are empty! Is this normal?

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[ pjboes]pjboesAnonymous 27 Jul 2011 01:00

Copying to new USB flash drive extremely slow. Nine minutes for a 400MB file. Data sending at 400 bytes/sec. NTFS has become unusual for me.

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[ Radde]RaddeAnonymous 31 Jul 2011 10:05

Re-installed Paragon NTFS and it works fine now.

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[ glitch]glitchAnonymous 05 Aug 2011 21:00

I'm also getting kernel panics whenever I empty a trash full of NTFS folders. What gives? Checking the ~/.Trash folder doesn't show any of those NTFS items, and I'm not sure how to get around this issue. I could boot into Windows, but I'm not sure whether I'll see the items in their original place or if they will be gone or hidden from view. Worse yet, I'm absolutely terrified that I'll corrupt the drive.

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[ jedics]jedicsAnonymous 20 Aug 2011 09:25

same problem here, I have some win7 files in the trash and I get a kernal panic with normal empty trash and just a 'osx cant do it' error when doing it securely.

REALLY annoying as its 18 gigabyte that Im bound to need at some stage.

what gives, I havent found a solution that worked anywhere online, trashit nor the terminal fixed it.


windows is such a useless piece of shit, it manages to even infect another operating system that isnt even using them.

nuf said…..

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[ cthinh]cthinhAnonymous 15 Feb 2012 06:57

Even with 9.5.2 version, the compatible with Lion in my opinion is still a question to Paragon. Playing around with file system is not ideally at all.

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