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Now Software has been DEAD since 2010. Now-Up-To-Date and Contact have not been updated since 2005. But they still live on. They still work in OS X 10.8.


Now Software was the developer of Now Up-to-Date & Contact, a software calendar and contact manager for individuals and groups.

The original Now Software, based in Portland, Oregon, was acquired by Qualcomm in 1997.

In 1999, the intellectual properties of the original company, including the name, were acquired by Power On Software, which relaunched the company and name.

Now Software was then acquired in a second incarnation. On August 27, 2009, the company released Now X, the successor to Now Up-to-Date & Contact, that never worked.

In March of 2010, the company suspended its day-to-day operations, citing its inability to deal with the complexity of updating Now X.


Version 5.3.2
Developer Now Software
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Working fine on 10.7.4 and 10.8.
It works FASTER in 10.8.

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MarkMarkAnonymous 09 Mar 2012 01:15

For me, the same story as Nancy and Lisa above. I did download the software again and tried the serial number 3 times. The OK button in the serial number dialog box stays grayed out - not active for clicking. Please, does anyone have a solution?

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[ Phil]PhilFilbert Cudahey 22 Mar 2012 21:14

Thanks Jim:

Like the rest of you, I'm finding Apple Address Book doesn't hold a candle to what this program could do 20 years ago. I started with NC&UTD back in 1990 and it here's never been anything as powerful on the mac.

My main gripe is simply the ability to see whose name was added last week (what was the name of that person?) and instead being hit with the top of the alphabet instead of viewing by date added (which iTunes and this program does perfectly).
Doe anyone know if there Are there any programs that can today without being reset when syncing to an iPhone?

It's ridiculous that running a small business on a Macintosh has actually gotten worse as it's been dumbed down for more people to used.

SO, I'm going to be s.o.l. on my 25 year old database if I can't find a serial number.


I downloaded a fresh copy of 5.3.2 (& never had any version on this machine).

Copied and pasted the SN as posted. Not sure if it's name sensitive (I think not). But since none was posted, I even tried Now Up-to-Date & Contact, but alas, even after restart, it did not work.

Any suggestions?

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[ Delta]DeltaAnonymous 07 Apr 2012 14:56

I use this program every Christmas to keep track of my lists.I recently upgraded to 10.7.3 and just now found my old version will not open.I downloaded the new Now X one above and the selections were greyed out, so I tried the updater, entered the serial number above but do not have a "Now X account name", so do not have any access to my most complete .nct address files for many years. Any suggestions? I am desperate ! Like others, I would pay for a version that works. Thanks!||1hsalfd

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[ Dflash]DflashDflash 07 Apr 2012 15:15

I recently upgraded to 10.7.3. I have used Now Contact for many years to keep track of my old address lists and Christmas lists. Now I cannot open my old Now Contact app. I downloaded the Now X and the menu selections were grayed-out. So I tried the updater and entered the serial number above but do not have a Now X Account Name, so I can't tell if that would work, Am desperate to get to my .nct files and, like others,would gladly pay for a license if available and if it would work. Or even a way to convert the .nct files… Please suggest what to do and/or contact me directly :||1hsalfd. Thank you very much.

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[ Dflash]DflashAnonymous 14 Apr 2012 04:08

I finally realized today that I was still using Version 5.1 of Now Contact which would not
open in Mac OS X 10.7.3. I downloaded Now X but that did not accept a serial number
(menu selections were greyed out and the Updater app required both a Now X Account
and a password, which I didn't have). So I downloaded Now Up to Date and Contact 5.3.2
and installed it and I have my address files again! I did not have to use the serial number
above, but glad I went back to read Jim's comment that it was Now Up-to-Date & Contact,
not! Now X. I am so thankful I can retrieve my files, and wish this great software could be
continued. Mac Address Book is "lame" as far as a database where I can select and print
labels, address books and lists by category and keywords. I am looking for other programs
that would work for me but have not found any, and dread converting my files. I can't locate
my original software but try this serial number: U500S0100-00000-98864378

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[ FF]FFAnonymous 18 May 2012 03:24

I have been using NUD for 20 years. My entire brain and history of my family is on that calendar. All of a sudden, I can't open my calendar file. I have tried to reinstall the software (from download on but I keep getting this error:

Now Up-to-Date & Contact appears to be damaged and should be reinstalled from the original installer.

Error -192

I want to export my NUD calendar to ical, but need to be able to open my NUD calendar in order to do so.

I am begging for any advice/help! Thank you!

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KeithKeithAnonymous 26 Jun 2012 15:24

Anybody able to get the QuickContacts and QuickDay icons to show up in the menu bar on Lion? I've got the options selected but they won't show up. Any ideas?


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James KattJames Kattjameskatt 27 Jul 2012 19:32

NOW Contact files get corrupted very easily - preventing you from opening them. This is why Contact files have to be heavily backed up in case one copy gets corrupted. It might be possible to resurrect the file by installing Now Contact in an old PowerPC Mac running system 9, then opening the file with the older system.

I'm using Mac OS X 10.7.4. Now Contact still works well for me. But again, backup to several files.

To install Now Contact and UTD on newer machines, you may have to first install it on an older machine with an older operating system. Then you can use the Migration Assistant utility to move the application to the new machine.

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James KattJames Kattjameskatt 27 Jul 2012 19:33

The Menu Bar icons are what generally doesn't work with Lion. The apps themselves work well.

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[ WOB]WOBAnonymous 31 Jul 2012 23:05

Hello jameskatt,

Thanks for the NUDC update indicating basic OS 10.8 compatibility. I notice that your comments per se refer to 10.7.4 where they're working well for me too. I was holding off on ML to be certain I could still use them, so much appreciated!

Just one thing: "Reminders" seem to have been broken since 10.5, i.e. even back on the PPC; or did is there a trick I've missed out on?

Thanks again, WOB

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[ Reid]ReidAnonymous 10 Aug 2012 17:43

Been using NUDC forever. I'm currently using Mac OS X 10.7.4, downloaded 5.3.2, and apparently I'm experiencing the same problem many others are:

It won't accept my serial number. Works only as a demo. Ridiculous.

Is there a workaround or crack or something?

Tried Jim's serial number from 2/2012, but didn't work either.

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[ CAL]CALAnonymous 25 Aug 2012 05:43

I was also having trouble opening 5.3.2 Up to Date on my macbook pro retina OS X 8.1 … tried several things and and then tried Contacts… Contact program opened right up and from that I opened the calendar Up to date… used U500S0100-00000-98864378 and it works great.

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[ kmi]kmiAnonymous 01 Sep 2012 13:11

where can I download the 5.3.2 mac version of up to date and contact? I may have foolishly thrown out my original disc when I got Now X. ;-)

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[ Alain]AlainAnonymous 05 Sep 2012 14:35

I'm still using NUDC on Max 10.7x - Worried that one day may not open at all :-( Are there any replacements for this app' - I wished someone picked it up and continued

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[ Sharon Pikul]Sharon PikulAnonymous 06 Sep 2012 14:13

I received an email from someone about 2 years ago. I am going to try to find it. However, judging by my search today, there is still a large community of us left and many who would like to see this software work.

There must be some kids sitting out there who love a challenge and would like to be a part of a new start up. Anyone know how to get in touch with who owns the software?

I just spent 4+ hours trying to find something that was as good for both a Mac and Windows environment and could not. Any info that you can send my way would be appreciated. I have not money, but I don't remember that stopping Woz and Jobs.



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[ susan]susanAnonymous 24 Sep 2012 04:57

Oh how I wish you were still in biz. Is there anything we can do to get you back?
There is nothing like your software out there that I can see.

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[ LadyLovelyLox]LadyLovelyLoxAnonymous 05 Oct 2012 19:44

BRING NOW CONTACTS BACK! It was and is hands down the best app I have and use it everyday. Best, most handy, collective, organized, duplicate efficient & amazing to search & find info. BEST APP, BRING IT BACK! Apple Contacts SUCKS. I cannot find an app that even comes close to NOW CONTACTS & NOW UP TO DATE.

Wish it could come back!! Please bring it back!!!

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[ Hugh]HughAnonymous 09 Oct 2012 00:37

Poster who said that the current Mac OS calendar and contacts is inferior to NUTD 20 years ago is right. I have been an Apple devotee since 1990 but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with their dumbing down every app. They will likely continue because of their success. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

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rcCassadyrcCassadyAnonymous 27 Oct 2012 05:41

Is there a contact file that would work on the new I pad that you could import Now Contact files into

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timtimAnonymous 19 Nov 2012 18:49

I am interested in investing in buying the rights to now and updating it.
(I have no interest in now x).

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[ Bob kridle]Bob kridleAnonymous 24 Nov 2012 04:48

Add my name to the list of those lamenting this late great application (Now Contact). I, too, have used it for almost two decades and have yet to find anything that comes close to replace it. Unfortunately, I really need something that has some sharing and cross platform capabilities now and these are the shoals on which the most recent developers of the Now products ran aground.

FYI - I am still using Now Contact 5.3.2 on Mac OS 10.8.2 without problem. But I fear that this way lies madness. (using software that has no apparent owner and no source of support) I am frankly amazed that it still works….

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[ Langrenn]LangrennAnonymous 25 Nov 2012 12:10

I have also been a user and fan of NUDC for years but with the purchase of a new MacBookAir decided to bite the bullet and look for a replacement. It turns out that BusyCal seems to be really similar to Now Up to Date (in fact it was developed by a guy who worked on the original Now software). So I have just converted my years of files to BusyCal via an Applescript called 'NUD to iCal",which uses the intermediate step of loading the data in iCal. BusyCal then uses the iCal files but adds a lot of the features that Now Up to Date offered. The conversion process was time consuming and tedious, because I wanted to import all of my 15 years of events, but it looks as though I'll be happy in the end. By the way, the support at BusyCal is nothing short of terrific — they answered my inquiries quickly and thoroughly.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ jacbec]jacbecAnonymous 15 Jul 2011 18:52

Now Up-To-Date still works for me on OS 10.6.8.

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[ kcc]kccAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 14:54

curious about NUTD server… anybody tested that yet?

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[ mikey]mikeyAnonymous 25 Jul 2011 03:00

Does not appear to work with Lion. Uses a
plugin which is not compatible.

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[ fdyk]fdykFRED DYKHUIZEN 30 Jul 2011 14:03

will v 4.5.3 work?

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[ Alex]AlexAnonymous 16 Aug 2011 14:42

Mikey - what version and what parts do not appear to work?

Also, did you do a migration or an install on the Lion machine?

Do the servers (eventserver and contactserver and Now Server Manager) work on Lion?


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[ Mikey]MikeyAnonymous 22 Aug 2011 05:21

The /Library/Contextual Menu Items/GrabNGo.plugin
is listed as a PowerPC application on my system.
I installed 5.3.2 from the downloads section on
whats left of the Now webpages.

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[ Jack]JackAnonymous 23 Aug 2011 20:30

Now Contact 5.3.2 on Lion 10.7.1 not working - Lion says it is a PPC program. Get info says Universal.

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[ hrvster]hrvsterAnonymous 16 Oct 2011 01:23

Im shocked but happy NUTD 5.3.2 seems to be working with Lion OS X 10.7.2 I havent had any problems yet and frankly I don't understand why. I didn't expect it to even open.

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[ Gavik]GavikAnonymous 25 Oct 2011 03:45

How'd you do that? Have same NUD version and was running it on an Intel OS X 10.5x machine which died. Had to get a new Lion-based unit and I can't install from original NUD 5.3.2 disk. Says it doesn't support PowerPC machines. Am concerned I've lost all my calendar and contact info. Tried to export into Mac AddressBook and iCal: lousy. Suggestions?

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MichelMichelAnonymous 25 Oct 2011 18:00

Does anyone know the current owner of NUDC so we can get a serial number/license?

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[ Jahan]JahanAnonymous 28 Nov 2011 19:01

Still using Now Contacts and NUTD 4.3.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.2 with no problems on MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 13", purchased August 2011.

I tried to move to Contacts/Address Book and iCal as a substitute, but got too frustrated with the poor feature sets, so reluctantly moved back to Now Contacts and NUTD. I fear they will stop working with some Apple update, so I export data weekly.

Terrible, this living in fear of abandonment by a piece of software.

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[ Theresa]TheresaAnonymous 28 Dec 2011 21:38

Can this Now Contact software be used to do Address mailings from the address book?

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[ Nancy]NancyAnonymous 05 Jan 2012 07:05

Does anyone know where I might purchase a serial number for Now Up to Date 5.3.2 for Mac? I realize the company is out of business, but maybe someone is willing to sell a program they never used. The demo version works on Mac Os 10.7 (Lion) and I would like to keep using after trial period is over because I had and older version that doesn't work, but my beloved calendar was created with the software. If you would like to contact me directly, please email ten.tta|lacihc#ten.tta|lacihc
Thank you.

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[ lisa]lisaAnonymous 17 Feb 2012 18:51

I'm in the same boat as Nancy. I have the 30 day trial as of yesterday on my new mac, but REALLY need this program to continue working and need a serial # moc.loa|ooleiuol#moc.loa|ooleiuol

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[ jim]jimAnonymous 17 Feb 2012 21:26

This will make it work

Serial Number: X450N-15410-56606010

Now Up-to-Date & Contact

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jimjimAnonymous 17 Feb 2012 21:33

you may need to download the software again, but the serial number will work

Serial Number: X450N-15410-56606010

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