Doesn't work in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7


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Growl Tunes is a Growl extra, that shows the current song on iTunes, with whatever details you choose. It also lets you control iTunes.

Version 1.2.2
Developer Growl Team
Status Doesn't work

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Works fine with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 and iTunes 10.4.1 64 bit

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Mark]MarkAnonymous 15 Aug 2011 04:28

Not sure why this is marked as not working? I have it working on Lion right now. I saw one comment that it didn't work in full screen mode, but it even works full screen for me (albeit hanging down from where the menu bar would be if it wasn't in full screen mode).

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[ Ian]IanAnonymous 21 Aug 2011 04:46

I'm using iTunes 10.4 64-bit with OS X Lion and Growl Tunes notifications are not showing up for me. The application is recognizing what tracks were played in the "recently played" list but the notification is not popping up upon changing tracks.

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[ Andrew]AndrewAnonymous 25 Sep 2011 03:27

Same issue for me.

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[ sjk]sjkAnonymous 08 Nov 2011 18:27

Same behavior here with GrowlTunes 1.2.2, Growl 1.3.1, and 64 bit iTunes 10.5 as Ian and Andrew mentioned.

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[ Neil]NeilAnonymous 02 Jan 2012 06:52

I did some searching and this could be related to

It indicates that GrowlTunes is designed to only notify if iTunes is NOT the frontmost application.

If iTunes is the active app, nothing appears. If it is in background (click on finder for example) it works for me.

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