FileMaker Pro 10.0.3 Advanced

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Works fine in 10.7

FileMaker Pro 10.0.3 Advanced

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Version 10.0.3
Developer FileMaker
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[ ALAN]ALANAnonymous 28 Jul 2012 04:30

Mountain Lion 10.8 and Filemaker 11.0v4
Mouse input click not recognized on any layout object. Can not click into any field with either internal macbook pro trackpad or external mouse.

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Will LovingWill LovingAnonymous 04 Aug 2012 21:32

After upgrading from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion I experience an issue where mouse input was not working on any layout object, in Browse, Find or Layout modes. Menus, Status Bar buttons and use tab to navigate fields still worked but not mouse clicks.

After turning off all Extensions and then selectively turning them back on I found the cause to be the 2empowerFM.fmplugin file (version 2.3.2). Removing this eliminated the problem. Checking the 2empowerFM website, I downloaded the latest version 2.6.7 and was able to open files without this issue occurring.

Conclusion: While this is an issue with a third-party FileMaker plugin rather than FileMaker itself, many FMPro and FM Advanced users especially may have this plugin installed.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Deeeep]DeeeepAnonymous 01 Jul 2011 22:03

does it also allow Excel exports and imports? Last I know that bit of functionality required Rosetta for some strange reason!

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[ Deeeep]DeeeepAnonymous 03 Jul 2011 00:37

Filemaker Pro 11 will not allow .xls export of data since that part is handled by Rosetta component… .xlsx works though.

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[ Peabody]PeabodyAnonymous 08 Jul 2011 04:53

There's bugs in the inspector - you can't set any value to 0 no via the keyboard. It'll always go back to 1. Big bug as far as I'm concerned…

Smaller bug is the status bar toggle button in the upper right hand corner of layout windows is missing…oops.

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[ ho schi]ho schiAnonymous 20 Jul 2011 18:02

see here: what is filemaker inc. telling about.

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