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TextExpander is a customizable typing shortcut tool that saves time and keystrokes. With TextExpander, you can define abbreviations for frequently-used text strings and images, also known as snippets. When an abbreviation is typed, it expands automatically to the full snippet.

Version 4
Developer Smile
Website http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/index.html
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Please report any issues to moc.erawtfoselims|troppus#moc.erawtfoselims|troppus. We are committed to helping our users and resolving any problems that arise.

Please note that version 4 is not available in the Mac App Store.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Random User]Random UserAnonymous 30 Apr 2011 22:05

TextExpander 3.3 appears to be having problems with 10.7 build 11A444d.

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[ ]leiger 30 Apr 2011 22:28

Could you elaborate, please? i.e. what problems did you notice?

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[ Random User]Random UserAnonymous 01 May 2011 15:27

Expansion of snippets doesn't work. For instance, I have a snippet called "tod" (time of day), and I use a delimiter of "\". When I type "\tod" when happens is that I see the "\to" and the "d" appears to be consumed by TextExpander.\n\nTo see the final "d", I have to type it again, but expansion doesn't happen in any case. I've tried this in TextEdit, BBEdit, Yojimbo, and in Finder. None of the snippets I have will expand and it doesn't matter which delimiter I use, nor how I have TextExpander process the insertion of the snippet.

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Scott P. RichertScott P. RichertAnonymous 01 May 2011 17:33

I'm seeing the same problem as Random User. Expansions simply do not happen. I use a space as the trigger for expansions, and when I hit the space bar, the expansion does not happen and the cursor does not advance. In fact, I can continue hitting the space bar, and the cursor never advances. I have to leave the doc and return to it before I can type in that text field again.

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[ Nicolas F.]Nicolas F.Anonymous 02 May 2011 11:35

Same problem here… TextExpander simply doesn't work anymore with Lion, it seems…

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[ Michael L. Ward]Michael L. WardAnonymous 03 May 2011 04:47

Running 10.7 build 11A444d on my Late-2010 Air I'm seeing the exact same behavior. Last letter of a shortcut is consumed, and no expansion takes place.

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[ Dave Parham]Dave ParhamAnonymous 03 May 2011 12:01

Having the same problem. Build 11A444d on MacBook Pro 17" 2.93.
Just like Mr. Ward and Random User i only get the abbreviation without the last letter. If you are working on a beta i would be happy to test it. :)

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[ Dave Parham]Dave ParhamAnonymous 03 May 2011 12:06

Sorry, copied some text from message to SmileSoftware. Obviously there won't be a beta on roaringapps.

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[ Tester]TesterAnonymous 04 May 2011 05:43

Also does not work via TE menu, no insertion takes place

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[ Joern]JoernAnonymous 04 May 2011 19:30

Have the same problem. Did already a re-install without any effect.

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Greg (Smile)Greg (Smile)Anonymous 04 May 2011 22:09

An update ( is available which fixes expansion on the latest Lion. Please launch TextExpander and choose Check for Update from the TextExpander menu.

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[ Random User]Random UserAnonymous 05 May 2011 23:50

+1 DoubleGood Goldstart Checkmark for Greg from Smile. does fix the expansion problem in the latest Lion and J. Random User is a happy person.

I had not fully realized how important TextExpander had become to my use of my Mac.

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[ jurriaan]jurriaanAnonymous 24 Jul 2011 13:00

textexpander simply doesn't work for me in lion - nothing expands. tried reinstall, no luck. running the version.

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[ jurriaan]jurriaanAnonymous 24 Jul 2011 13:12

correction: works now and then. not sure what circumstance leads to malfunction

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[ MisterG]MisterGAnonymous 24 Jul 2011 13:45

Get weird glitches with the first letter of an expansion appearing at the end of a word
e.g "because" becomes "ecauseb"

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[ Josh]JoshAnonymous 26 Jul 2011 21:21

I'm having problems with TextExpander and syncing between an iMac and MBP using Dropbox. Basically It keeps losing sync and all settings on the opposite machine that was last synced after a reboot. Loses all snippets and menu icon reverts back to blue.

On my Macbook Pro it was causing permanent SBBOD at start up as soon as TE tried to load and would persist for several reboots until it "reset" itself as described above. Once I stopped syncing it was fine.

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[ Andre]AndreAnonymous 27 Jul 2011 14:20

Running the version.
Snippets still doesnt work on Lion.

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[ Bobby]BobbyAnonymous 28 Jul 2011 11:45

Andre, try closing and re-opening TE after installing That worked for me.


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[ Barry]BarryAnonymous 08 Aug 2011 17:19

I have installed on Lion and have some random failures. Sometimes expansion fails completely. Other times expansion on a web form jumps to the next field and expands there rather than where the text was started. And sometimes it does work.

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[ Sebastian]SebastianAnonymous 11 Aug 2011 19:01

I have lion and TE wont work. It doesent appear under system preferences after I drag it to the applications folder

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[ Greg]GregAnonymous 25 Aug 2011 17:15

I am having the same problem as Josh and have also written up a question on Ask Different (http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/21014/is-filevault-2-causing-issues-with-textexpander-sync-using-dropbox) which has received no responses. Would love to hear if others are also experiencing sync issues under Lion. I was so concerned that this was a more serious overall permissions issue in Lion that I did a clean install, but that didn't change anything so I reverted back to my SuperDuper clone.

I think the issue is related to Textexpander starting up before Dropbox does, so TE can't find the sync folder and simply reverts to its default Settings.textexpander file which has 5 snippets in it. When this happens, the easy solution is simply to log into the Dropbox web interface and restore the previous (good) version of the file. But this is a kludgy workaround. Why is this happening?

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JeanJeanSmileSoftware 31 Aug 2011 23:51

Hi Greg, Jean from Smile here.

Sorry to hear about the issues. Have you sent details to moc.erawtfoselims|rednapxetxet#moc.erawtfoselims|rednapxetxet? Our support team would be grateful for the chance to work with you on troubleshooting this.

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CraigCraigAnonymous 04 Sep 2011 22:57

I'm having the same issue as Greg. Didn't think about it being related to Filevault until he mentioned it, but I have Filevault turned on as well. Since upgrading to Lion I've reserved snippets and then had them disappear multiple times.

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[ Cherry]CherryAnonymous 11 Sep 2011 01:59

Same issue. Latest textexpander, latest Lion (10.7.1) new macbook air. No joy. It's killing me. I depend on this app tremendously … PLEASE fix asap.

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