Logic Pro 9

Some problems in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Logic Pro 9

Supports iCloud

Secured by Gatekeeper

Supports retina graphics

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Available on the Mac App Store
Not available on the Mac App Store
Version 9.1.7
Developer Apple
Status Some problems

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Major GUI lags on 10.8 reported by most users - no fix aviable so far

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[ brelin]brelinAnonymous 12 Jun 2012 11:15

just update it

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[ CB]CBAnonymous 26 Jul 2012 00:15

9.1.7 works just fine :)

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[ Joshua]JoshuaAnonymous 28 Jul 2012 19:54

I have updated Logic on my machine, after updating to Mountain Lion. The version in Finder says "9.1.7" but it crashes when launched. Suggests that either the OS isn't compatible or I re-install the program. I do not have the original installer. Anybody have a pointer?

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[ james]jamesAnonymous 03 Aug 2012 11:45

I just did a clean install on my mac for ml and wanted to load logic pro 9 but the installer is stuck and the dock image of the installer just keeps bouncing…help…

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[ Jack]JackAnonymous 28 Aug 2012 15:09

Logic 9.1.7 Works fine on Moutain Lion 10.8.1.

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[ Jay]JayAnonymous 20 Sep 2012 13:48

My Logic Pro 9.1.7 dosen't work with my Mountain Lion 10.8.2

I can't open it….a black window appears, and thats it !!!

Anyone a answer ??? PLEASE !


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[ jbm]jbmAnonymous 10 Oct 2012 21:26

nope, there are many reports of problems with 10.8.2 and Logic Pro 9.1.7. In my case, the system occasionally hangs, causing disk too slow errors (it's an SSD, tested many times, so the error is bogus), hangs during bounce, resulting in the bounce getting arbitrarily abandoned — no alert, error, nothing… and no bounced file either. Basically, I have to bounce until it works.
Whatever they did in 10.8.2 it was a f***ing disaster for audio (and apparently Logic Pro, in particular).

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Lion (10.7) Comments

CraigCraigAnonymous 22 Jul 2011 13:47

Just saying that this application doesn't work isn't very helpful, so here's my experience thus far. The program launches and re-evaluates all plugins. The only plugin problem I have thus far is one called Absynth. I was able to work on an existing project with no adverse effects or strange behavior. The one important thing I haven't tried yet is to do live recording.

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[ ]Reneek 25 Jul 2011 08:15

thanks for the info

Nexus VST doesn't work for me.. It shows:

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[ CJ]CJAnonymous 17 Jan 2012 02:59

Logic 9.0.2 does NOT work at all. I feel ripped off.

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