Some problems in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7


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Created by the minds behind The Sims, Spore allows you to sculpt the evolution of an entire civilization from a single-celled organism, graduating to complex creatures, then entire tribes, through planet-wide civilizations, and finally out into space. Will your creatures survive be being fittest or by most intelligent? Start wars or broker lasting peace? The choice is up to you, and thanks to the powerful but intuitive Creator tools, guiding every step of the process – Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space – is limited only by your creativity. Apply that creativity to more than just creatures; build housing structures, modes of transport, or even a means of reaching the stars.

Version 1.1
Developer Maxis Software
Website http://www.ea.com/spore
Status Some problems

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Audio works, but screen is black.

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[ aboutle]aboutleAnonymous 29 Jul 2012 16:11

Black screen flickering. Mouse and sound work.

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[ Steve]SteveAnonymous 30 Jul 2012 16:18

If you're on your laptop, then once you think Spore has loaded to the galaxy screen close the laptop. Wait a few seconds and open it up. Spore should still be running. Select it again or wait until it opens and it should work. I've tested this out several times and it should work. The whole process took 5 seconds. No need to reinstall. I hope this helps.

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[ Niss]NissAnonymous 08 Aug 2012 09:34

For those with desktop Macs, once the game has launched (e.g. you hear the music), click on Cmd + Tab to get to the desktop then click again on the Spore icon.

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[ Andy]AndyAnonymous 11 Oct 2012 09:13

It works :)), Thank you.

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[ Andy]AndyAnonymous 13 Oct 2012 17:23

If you're getting a black screen, open ~/Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences/config in TextEdit, find "fbobackbuffer" = "0" in the d3dgl section (or just CMD+f) and change it to "fbobackbuffer" = "1". Spore will run fine after that.

CMD+tab also works but this is permanent.

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[ jeroen]jeroenAnonymous 14 Nov 2012 11:59


I have a MBP 2011 with Mountain Lion 10.8.2

I have Spore for a few years and it worked fine on Snow Leopard. But now I want to reinstall it because it didn't work anymore.

When I open it now it says:

Exception raised:

Unhandled page fault on write access to 0x0000000c at address 0x00e5ffc9.
Do you wish to debug it ?

I didn't install all the updates, do I have to?
What should I do?

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Rolandius]RolandiusRolandius 08 Apr 2011 04:59

You have to go to Apple Website to find it.

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