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Grand Robert & Collins

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L'intégralité du Robert & Collins et du Grand Robert & Collins dans sa toute dernière édition.

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Dock icon doesn't work as it should

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[ cor]corAnonymous 21 Sep 2012 12:04

When I first bought my Le Grand Robert & Collins ($100!), it worked fine, with the icon in my dock, quick, silent, responsive. I only had to insert the original CD-Rom periodically to confirm ownership.

When I upgraded to Lion, however, the dock icon suddenly had a black question mark over it, and I could only make the dictionary work by putting the CD-ROM into my iMac's slot and keeping it there. This meant that every search for a word took a hell of a long time as the CD whirred and clinked until it found what I was looking for. This was all such a time-consuming business that I just stopped using the dictionary completely.

I emailed the company from their web site, but all I got was a boiler-plate response about how their product supports all versions of the Mac OS. Untrue.

Then about a month ago (August 2012), I took a chance and inserted the CD-ROM. Bingo! It worked as it had originally, i.e. as it's supposed to.

Now I'm going to upgrade to Mountain Lion, and I know that I'll have to put the damn thing aside again because it won't be compatible. That sucks big time because it's a great dictionary, just poorly supported.

I'm going to send this comment to and see if I get a decent reply.

Croisons les doigts!

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Lion (10.7) Comments

naneen h neubohnnaneen h neubohnAnonymous 22 Jan 2012 05:10

Lion has killed my Collins Robert dictionary. $150 worth of destruction. Without warning. One should sue Apple. When Apple begins destroying dictionaries, a new smell is in the air. Of killing all non-English communications. An eerie thought, not pleasant.

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[ grrr]grrrAnonymous 26 Jan 2012 16:13

Robert apps are rarely compatible with Mac — everything is always problematic. Petit Robert, Robert & Collins, Grand Robert — I've paid full price many times for something not working, waiting months for an update, etc. I wish there were other dictionaries.

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