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StockSpy for Mac OS X is based on StockSpyHD for iPad!

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STOCKSPY IS A RESEARCH TOOL. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR PERFORMING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OR TRACKING PORTFOLIO VALUE. PLEASE READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING! - The last thing we want to do is trick you into buying something you aren’t actually looking for. That said we think the vast majority of investors will benefit from using StockSpy!

★ StockSpy for Mac OS X ★

Now more than ever you need to be on top of what is happening with your investments…

StockSpy for Mac OS X simplifies tracking stock market news for the companies you follow and allows you to VISUALIZE how the news affects stock prices with NewsCharts!

With StockSpy you can automatically load several top quality RSS news feeds for each of the symbols you're tracking. This provides you with more complete information when making your important investment decisions. Stop losing money because you're not getting all the important news & information about your stocks. Say goodbye to wasting time by manually checking several news websites and still not getting the whole picture on your stocks. Start making more money because you have the information to make smart trades.

NewsChart technology shows you how the news volume changes over time. As you scroll through the news articles the NewsChart highlights the currently active bar for the visible news items in the news list. This means if you find a day which had interesting price change (like a big pop or drop) you can easily find out what news was "driving" the stock. We have taken this great innovation we call NewsCharts from Stock Spy for the iPad & iPhone (check them out in the AppStore) and brought it to Mac OS X!

StockSpy provides easy access to information from the top Investor websites with Symbol Specific website links. This allows you to browse detailed information about specific stocks having to type a symbol.

StockSpy allows complete customization of news sources. Our innovative feed template system allows you to setup a news feed once and use it for every symbol in your list. You can also add individual feeds to a specific stock. StockSpy uses the extremely popular RSS feed standard. Many popular financial news websites provide RSS news feeds free of charge. Blogs, investor relations sites even the SEC provide RSS feeds which can accessed using StockSpy! … If you have never heard of RSS news feeds before don't worry. You will still be able to make use of them using StockSpy.

With recent volatility in the global financial markets access to timely investment information is a necessity. With StockSpy on Mac OS X this information is at your fingertips.


Stay tuned, because we're always developing new and exciting features for StockSpy. Updates are ALWAYS free!


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Remember to mail moc.yps-kcots|troppus#moc.yps-kcots|troppus or use the Support button on this page if for some reason you need help with StockSpy! We are happy to assist.

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