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Version 8.0.5
Developer Avid Technology
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Installed 8.0.0 from my disk. Updated to 8.0.5, then updated my hardware (mbox 2 mini) drivers. Things are running fine; I can open my old projects from when I ran PT in 10.6.

If your experience is different, please update as needed!

When you update it will say that pro tools is not working but if you open pro tools it works. Apple just puts that message there because it's not supported.

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[ Enrico]EnricoAnonymous 22 Feb 2012 12:25

Any tests with digi002r ? Maybe midi will work better than lion!

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[ SkyeJ]SkyeJSkyeJ 16 Mar 2012 19:21

I see that there has been success with the config: iMac, OS X Lion , and Pro Tools 8.0.5 update; but has anyone had success with the Mac Mini in the configuration

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[ Brian@Willowcraft]Brian@WillowcraftAnonymous 30 Jul 2012 21:38

Had troubles with midi drivers when I upgraded to 10.7.4 Lion. Moved Garage Band's midi drivers into a temporary folder and PT started working. Just upgraded to 10.8 Mountain Lion and PT works flawlessly.

Upgrade with caution. Mine may be working because of my previous workaround.

Tested on:
- Late 2011 iMac 27"

With PT interfaces:
- Digi 002 Rack+
- Mbox2 Micro

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[ Nomadz]NomadzAnonymous 08 Aug 2012 03:41

I have Protools LE 8.0.5 working on Mountain Lion along with Reason 5.0. This is working on an iMac 2008 Early 2.4ghz;, 4gb. All Midi and audio on Digi002 working flawlessly. My iMac was updated from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. Propellerhead Recycle no longer works because it is a power PC App; However, everything else is good to go.

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SimonSimonAnonymous 09 Aug 2012 01:24

I have just recently ordered the iMac quad core i5 with 8 gig ram and its coming with moutain lion. I have protoos 8 and I'm really worried if its gonna work or not.

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[ Megan]MeganAnonymous 26 Sep 2012 20:10

we have Mountain Lion on a new iMac, Pro Tools 8 LE will load but then quits upon not finding the MBox2. Where/how do i update the drivers? that seems to be the issue or there seems to a file missing. Also, there are a ton of outside-patches- are these legit? I dont really trust them.

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[ Anders]AndersAnonymous 04 Oct 2012 10:52

I'm running Mountain Lion and I get an error:

"Could not complete your request because Attempt to open locked file for writing (-54) while opening "Installed plug-ins"."

I've been trying to reinstall, changing paths, moving plug-in-folders, unlocking almost every file on my hard drive, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Also I can't seem to figure out, what is being called "while opening "Installed plug-ins"."! There's no such folder on my hard drive.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

PapagenoPapagenoAnonymous 09 Sep 2011 13:46

Installed 8.0.3 from disk. Upgraded to 8.0.5. Pro Tools itself works BUT… the midi drivers are screwed and every other application that needs the USD midi keyboard (Sibelius, Garageband, etc) fails to find it.

Avid tells on its website that Mac OS X Lion is not supported (only in "beta" status by Pro Tools 9.0.5)

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PapagenoPapagenoAnonymous 09 Sep 2011 15:29

Finally fixed it by installing the new Mbox 2 drivers (March 2011) that can be downloaded at To sum up what I did:

0) on top of a fresh OS X Lion install (new machine)
1) Install Pro Tools LE 8.0.3 from CD (without Midi I/O drivers)
2) Install Pro Tools 8.0.5 update ( )
3) Install Mbox 2 drivers update ( )

My hardware config: imac 27'', USB midi keyboard, Mbox 2.

Given what Avid currently says about OS X Lion support, it may or may not work if you have another config.

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[ Artegon]ArtegonAnonymous 29 Oct 2011 03:37

I had the same issue that mencioned Papageno, but I fixed when I reinstalled OS X Lion. All applications work fine.

My config: iMac 21.5", USB Interface M-Audio Pro-keys sono 88, Mbox 2 Pro.

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