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Aabel, the Gigawiz flagship product, is a modern and powerful application, integrating statistics (inferential & multivariate), data exploration, dynamic scientific graphing and data visualization, and thematic mapping in one package.

Version 3.0.6
Website http://www.gigawiz.com/aabel3.html
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Add Gigawiz as developer please. August 9, 2011: Aabel™ 3.0.6
Aabel v3.0.6 complimentary update is optimized for the newest Mac OS X version, Lion.
In addition to optimizing Aabel v3 for Lion, this update also includes fixes for all known bugs and glitches that have been discovered up-to-date.
The performance of Aabel v3 has been enhanced on Lion; this is in particular noticeable on machines with modern graphic cards.
The updater that is downloaded from this page can be used on both Snow Leopard and Lion, but the performance-related enhanced aspects of the application are Lion-specific

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