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Fruit Menu is a haxie that gives you the ability to customize the Apple Menu and contextual menus. Using a visual editor you can edit the contents of the menus to suit your needs and taste. FruitMenu will also display the contents of the FruitMenu Items folder inside of your Library folder, launch applications and shell scripts from the Apple Menu and contextual menus, to allow easy file navigation and launching. To make the haxie completely flexible and customizable, you can assign hotkeys to particular menu items.

Version 3.8.4
Developer Unsanity
Website http://unsanity.com/haxies/fruitmenu
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[ brtheribid]brtheribidAnonymous 12 Mar 2012 04:21

Classic Menu is working fine for me in Lion. Te only hiccup is dragging the items into the open Classic Menu window instead of being to able to add them via the "Add alias…" Was using Fruit Menu for many a year.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ Josh Gearon]Josh GearonAnonymous 18 Jul 2011 08:33

Unsanity is always just way too slow with architecture/platform support updates. I paid for a few of their products a few years back, and I was anything but satisfied with my purchases. This is extremely unnerving; FruitMenu was an integral part of my daily Mac workflow. Now, it's long gone. Any alternative Intel x64-based apps anyone might recommend that offer a hierarchical menubar and the system-wide "chi" I became so accustomed to?

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[ roj]rojAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 15:51

I absolutely must have Fruit Menu. I'm not even going to switch to Lion until Fruit Menu works with it.

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[ stratman58]stratman58Anonymous 25 Jul 2011 01:43

I love FruitMenu but I know it's going to be a long wait (as always) for Unsanity to get around to it - Lion's not even mentioned on their website, emails go unanswered. Each time my FruitMenu dies pending Unsanity's revision I switch to Classic Menu - not quite as full featured as FruitMenu, but at least I get me Apple menu back

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[ William]WilliamAnonymous 10 Sep 2011 04:03

Unsanity's last blog entry was Feb 2010. They are dead.

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[ weindeb]weindebAnonymous 18 Sep 2011 14:59

I just downloaded MoofMenu Configuration - http://www.lobotomo.com/products/MoofMenu/ - a tiny application that parks itself to the left of the upper horizontal menu items. As an addicted fruit menu person, I can honestly say that this isn't half bad. Really, it works to establish a nice hierarchical menu. Cost $5.00 if you wish to use it permanently; 30-day tryout period. I'm using pussycat Lion, by the way.

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[ designerm]designermAnonymous 19 Sep 2011 09:28

Classic Menu also works


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[ designerm]designermAnonymous 19 Sep 2011 09:35

weird - the http://www.sigsoftware.com/classicmenu/ link isn't working currently, but their site is OK - http://www.sigsoftware.com works, anyway it's been a lifesaver with FruitMenu's lack of updates for Lion. Shame about no windowshade too, but that's just an inconvenience compared to having to use the dock!

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[ designerm]designermAnonymous 21 Sep 2011 01:35

I've read that Classic menu is not compatible with Lion - but it's working fine on Lion for me :)

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[ weindeb]weindebAnonymous 21 Sep 2011 14:06

Just to follow up on my previous comment about MoofMenu. I've been using it now for several days and really like it at least as much as I liked FruitMenu, and it's even simpler to set up.

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[ Whit]WhitAnonymous 11 Oct 2011 03:40

I just don't get Unsanity.

It's as if they jut don't care about the users that appreciate and rely on their products.

The loud & clear message from

• 12-24 months catching up with the latest apple system
• no blog updates
• not a molecule of customer service

…is that they are bright but clueless.

Life is too short.

They blew it.

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[ MPM]MPMAnonymous 26 Oct 2011 10:04

I don't want to upgrade to Lion without Fruitmenu but how long will we have to wait?

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Fabio Barretto FavaFabio Barretto FavaAnonymous 19 Nov 2011 12:56

Hey guys, Launchpad is awsome, fully customizable and at the fingertips! At start I hated Lion since my Unsanity shit couldn't work there, but now… Bye bye Unsanity! Just organize your Launchpad area, support Riner Brockerhoff's Add-On called "Quay" that you can get on the link below, and be happy.

http://brockerhoff.net/quay/ -> To download the Quay System Add-On, a must-have.

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