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GraphPad InStat is a less cumbersome alternative to typical heavy-duty statistical programs. With InStat, even a statistical novice can analyze data in just a few minutes. Try InStat for statistics without all the fuss. Windows or Macintosh.

Most statistics programs are designed by statisticians, for statisticians. These programs are feature-packed and powerful, but can overwhelm scientists with thick manuals, obscure statistical jargon and high prices. GraphPad InStat is different. InStat is designed by a scientist for scientists.

Version 3.1a
Developer Graphpad Software
Status Unknown

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App doesn't work because it depends on Rosetta (PPC App) and its support was eliminated with Lion. Developers have said that they will not update the App for working with Lion anytime soon. They suggest that you use GraphPad Prism instead which can manage all InStat statistical work and much more. More official info here:

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