Paste Master

Unknown in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Paste Master

Supports iCloud

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Paste Master is an easy to use clipboard manager configured by a preference pane that allows you to save multiple clipboards and be able to paste them again later. It has the following advantages:
• Compact grid display allows you to see and select from many saved clipboards at once.
• Handles all types of clipboards.
• Recognition of special text types in clipboards allows convenient pasting or operation.
• You can quickly search the grid to find clipboards you want.
You can lock clipboards so they are not displaced by new ones.
• You can delete individual, unlocked, or ALL saved clipboards (for example if they contain sensitive data).
• You can paste multiple clipboards rapidly through two different mechanisms.
• You can securely and easily fill in forms.
• Clipboards are also optionally available from an icon in the menu bar.
• You can maintain multiple sets of clipboards for different purposes.
• You can quickly enter notes directly into clipboards for later use.

Paste Master allows you to display up to 99 clipboards (per set) in a compact manner, making it easy to quickly find which one you want to paste again. Paste Master recognizes certain types of text much like Apple's Data Detectors, and allows you to paste or operate on them in special ways. This feature is very useful when dealing with web or database forms that force you to type things like addresses, phone numbers or social security numbers in separate fields, or force you to enter phone numbers with just decimal digits. Furthermore, you can paste clipboards as unformatted text even if they are formatted. This is useful if you want pasted text to inherit the formatting of the application you are pasting into.

Version All
Developer John Woodward
Status Unknown

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