Password Master

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Password Master

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Password Master is a secure (AES-256 encryption) password manager that allows you to save user IDs, passwords and other sensitive information (such as social security numbers), optionally associate them with website URLs, and facilitate logging into websites.

Websites are constantly improving their security and, frankly, trying to defeat automatic user ID and password entry functions built into browsers. Therefore Password Master supports many options for user ID and password entry.
Password Master incorporates several advanced features not commonly found in other password managers, including:
• the ability to specify two-part user IDs that must be entered into two fields on the web page,
• the ability to automatically enter the password on a different page than the User ID,
• support for passwords that must be entered by clicking on the screen (e.g. with an on-screen numeric pad), and
• the ability to associate a different browser with each website (if the site works properly only with a particular browser).

Also, Password Master is designed to use files that are synchronized across different machines (for example via DropBox).

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Developer John Woodward
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