Mark WhiteMark WhiteAnonymous 13 Jun 2012 00:33

Works great with Lion. I tried it on two different Macbook Airs and it worked fine with my iPhone 4 (the one with Siri). The price is ridiculously cheap for this functionality. Previous versions apparently didn't show the mouse moving on screen. This works fine with Lion, as does the keyboard.

A couple of things need improvement. The keyboard doesn't have an F12 key, so you can't turn up the sound from the keyboard — though you can turn it down with F11. More substantial is that the voice commands don't work. I see my command repeated multiple times on the iPhone screen. The commands don't work from voice. Maybe this is a conflict with Siri.

I'd like to be able to send this report to Zeng Rong. If anybody out there knows how I can send a bug report to my new hero, Zeng Rong, please email me how.

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