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"Where does all my money go?" you've asked yourself. You've written it down in your paper check register but it can't sort and categorize your transactions and it will never balance itself. You've tried medieval torture devices like Quicken® but they're so full of features you'll never use that it's actually painful just to enter the raw data.
What you really need is a friendly personal finance tool that gets the basics just right and keeps things simple. That's where we come in. Introducing CheckBook 2, the powerfully simple personal finance manager.

Check out these features

Friendly, single-window interface keeps you focused, with all major features just a click or two away
OFX, QIF and CSV/Text import, so you can easily import bank statements or migrate from Quicken and many other personal finance apps
QuickFilter, an advanced search field that turns "those other search fields" on their ear
Scheduled Entries, the easy way to manage your monthly bills
Categories, giving you the power to group your transactions as you see fit for more accurate reporting
Splits, with support for categories in each line item
Transfers between accounts
Account Summaries, customized reports to help you visualize your money
Multiple currency support, including support for transfers between accounts with different currencies
And more - try it today and see how well CheckBook works for you!

Version 2.3.2
Developer Splasm Software
Status Works fine

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