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Check Off

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CheckOff is a to-do application that can use DropBox or similar services to synchronize data between your Mac OS computers.

The venerable to-do application arrives at it's new home at ChromeDome Software from Second Gear Software to the app store with new features and bug fixes!

Check Off is a task management application that allows you to organize your tasks.


• Tasks can be placed within folders, and have labels attached to each task
• Tasks can have notes
• Notes can be plain text or rich text with fonts, colors, and sizes
• Notes can also contain links to websites or local files, allowing one click access to resources that can be used to complete the task
• The location of the Check Off Data file can be moved, and moved to a location like your DropBox folder. Check Off has code in it that notices when a file changes, and will immediately reload the data to reflect any changes to the data file, effectively synchronizing your data
• Tasks can be printed
• Tasks can be exported to HTML, OPML, Plain Text and RTF
• Easy menu bar access to bring Check Off to the front, edit or enter a task, and then hide it to the background when done

Version 5.0.2
Developer ChromeDome Software
Status Works fine

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