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Unison is the best Usenet browser/newsreader in the world. Only for Mac OS X.

Version 2.1.10
Developer Panic
Website http://www.panic.com/unison/
Status Works fine

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2.1.7 seems to auto pause every 500MB with Mountain Lion.
2.1.8 Fixed text quality on Retina displays
Now only uses integrated graphics on MacBook Pros
No longer autofills user e-mail address for eList signup
Signed with Developer ID
2.1.9 Fixed pausing of transfers when machine goes to sleep
2.1.10 Added full screen mode
Fixed (really!) more unexpected transfer pausing at unexpected times
Note: PPC machines are no longer supported

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[ Adrian]AdrianAdrianJ 26 Jul 2012 21:39

Unison 2.1.7 is working perfectly fine in Mountain Lion. Tested Directories, Downloads and some other things. 0 problems so far.

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[ RK]RKAnonymous 27 Jul 2012 14:30

I seem to be having a problem using Unison 2.1.7 in Mountain Lion. The download just pauses every 500MB or so. I have to keep hitting resume.

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[ Cas]CasAnonymous 28 Jul 2012 22:47

Same problem as RK. Larger downloads pause every now and then for no good reason.

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[ Floots]FlootsAnonymous 29 Jul 2012 01:10

Exactly the same pb with v2.1.8
Keeps pausing every …. I don't know exactly the amount of MB ^^

This suxx.

@panic : "Waiting for an update please"


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[ godindav]godindavAnonymous 29 Jul 2012 23:27

same issue here

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[ adam]adamAnonymous 30 Jul 2012 04:37

same problem as everyone else, downloads keep pausing which makes it annoying to use

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[ ElCapitano]ElCapitanoAnonymous 31 Jul 2012 05:03

Same issue.
Pauses every now and then….
NZB Drop, here we go…

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[ Robert]RobertAnonymous 04 Aug 2012 13:00

Same issue here. Tested both 2.1.7 and 2.1.8. Downloads pause frequently. Only remedy is multiple explicit pause and resume.
Very annoying.

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[ lycrake]lycrakeAnonymous 05 Aug 2012 08:14

Same issue here, Pause and restart doesn't seem to work for me- I have to restart the application each time…

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[ DC]DCAnonymous 06 Aug 2012 20:32

Same issue, downloads pausing, some timing out with permanent errors.

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[ Tom]TomAnonymous 07 Aug 2012 04:50

Same problem. The application keep pausing. Please fix panic member.

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[ Paul]PaulAnonymous 07 Aug 2012 08:57

Same issue. Hopefully a fix soon.

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[ Pete]PeteAnonymous 07 Aug 2012 12:21

Glad it is not just me - even tried several different servers and companies, every 200-300 MB it just "pauses" - well I say pause, you can't just press resume all, you have to pause all then resume all, so very annoying considering I trial downloaded and then paid straight away as I thought it was an excellent product - please say you are going to look into this, thanks

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[ Gw]GwAnonymous 09 Aug 2012 22:25

same thing in 2.18

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[ oxiur]oxiurAnonymous 10 Aug 2012 15:25

same things, 2.1.8 with ML and pause frequently.

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[ Paul]PaulAnonymous 13 Aug 2012 06:52

STILL BROKEN AFTER UPDATES. Regretting I paid for this app.

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[ Al]AlAnonymous 15 Aug 2012 08:10

It seems to be working fine after updating to 2.1.9

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[ RK]RKAnonymous 16 Aug 2012 04:05

Still pausing after 2.1.9 for me. It was working on 2.1.8 for me. It was pausing on 2.1.7!!

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[ vestan_pance]vestan_panceAnonymous 16 Aug 2012 20:30

I'm using 2.1.9 and it is ridiculous, constant pauses after only a couple of MB - trying to download a 300MB file.. constantly having to quit & save and restart. I'm going to have to change apps if a fix doesn't come soon.

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[ Adam]AdamAnonymous 17 Aug 2012 04:13

2.1.9 is still broken. Constantly pauses. NZB Drop is working perfectly though. Have been trying the free 30 day trial with no issues on Mountain Lion.

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[ Floots]FlootsAnonymous 18 Aug 2012 01:08

Contact Panic sevral times about this topic, the only answer I received in 2 weeks was:
"We're not seeing the same issue here, actually"
Fed up with that poor customer care service.
Bye bye Unison.

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[ 1de3]1de3Anonymous 24 Aug 2012 11:06

Panic does not care about us guys ^^
I switched to NZB drop : easy, fast and no bugs on 10.8

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[ James]JamesAnonymous 31 Aug 2012 13:06

Problems in ML with 2.1.9

It doesnt constantly pause anymore (thank god) but every time I launch I starts a download, one that I previously completed. I've deleted the files, deleted it out of Unison but to no avail, it keeps popping up every time!

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DominikDominikAnonymous 20 Sep 2012 16:39

I noticed the issue has disappeared in ML 10.8.2 & Unison 2.1.9.

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[ iGarth]iGarthAnonymous 21 Sep 2012 18:42

I'm having same problem, and it persists with ML 10.8.2 and Unison 2.1.9.

So frustrating! If it's not fixed soon I'm abandoning the App.

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[ Yû]Anonymous 24 Sep 2012 06:07

Just got a call they are working to fix the issue.
Hope they will work it out fast…

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[ Irfan]IrfanAnonymous 28 Sep 2012 09:07

Latest version of Unison definitely pauses download ever so often in Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Extremely annoying problem.

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[ Jo]JoAnonymous 20 Oct 2012 14:14

Same problem, so very annoying having to constantly resume your downloads

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[ Danny Rob]Danny RobAnonymous 21 Oct 2012 16:17

Same problem I use to leave my laptop on download a big file come back it was done. not anymore very annoying

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[ Pierre]PierreAnonymous 26 Oct 2012 13:23

I somehow have this issue too. It can download many Gb without pausing, and from time to time, it stops here and there, pausing every 10/20/100 Mb !

I'm trying something:

go to ~/Library/Application Support/com.panic.Unison2
and delete Transfers.db (± Unison.db)
(do it when you have no download happening = empty queue)

Then restart Unison.

It cleared other bugs I had in the past (such as clearing the queue while quitting, even if I asked to save the queue).
It won't crash your Unison install, I tested it but I haven't yet noticed a pause since then. Maybe it'll solve the problem?

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[ Pierre]PierreAnonymous 28 Oct 2012 18:20

Well my idea did not work… I'm sending Panic an email about it.

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[ Anonymous]AnonymousAnonymous 04 Nov 2012 02:02

Same issue here…

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[ Daniel]DanielAnonymous 08 Nov 2012 15:56

WORST PROGRAM EVER. Worked great before I upgraded my OS, now its the biggest joke ever. All these pauses is just absurd. The creators of this program should be embarrassed! What a waste of money, I definitely do NOT recommend this app to ANYONE, unless I hate you :P

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[ ]Anonymous 14 Nov 2012 18:38

Unison 2.1.9 on a OS X 10.8.2 iMac continues to randomly pause. An otherwise great application tragically marred by a grievous annoyance.

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[ Gabe]GabeAnonymous 16 Nov 2012 21:04

Same problem in ML with 2.1.9. Been a loyal and happy unison user for many years, but I have waited long enough for a fix and have now given up.

Read about an app called NZBVortex in another thread discussing the issue and actually like it more. Not as pretty but many more functions and doesn't pause all the time!

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[ Greg]GregAnonymous 01 Dec 2012 10:44

Using 2.19 and Lion newest updates and still getting pauses.

I second Gabe on NZBvortex.


3 version changes and we are still getting pauses. The developers should be embarrassed. I mean they focus on making it look purty on a mac retina display (on their v release log) which I own but don't give an F about, but they manage to not fully address the issue that their program was intended for: to download usenet files……..???

Haven't tried NZBVortex, but anything is better than a program that can't do the 1 and only thing it's supposed to do correctly.

You've really jumped the shark on this one Unison. (and btw I've loved your program for years, so I'm sad for you guys more than anything.)

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ BYGino]BYGinoAnonymous 18 Aug 2011 11:58

NO sure if it's 100% working - since going to Lion it no longer automatically concats files for me.

Have raised a support request with Panic and will post back when I have a reply.

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