Super Meat Boy

Doesn't work in 10.8

Works fine in 10.7

Super Meat Boy

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[ Guest]GuestAnonymous 01 Aug 2012 09:36

Mountain lion, game crashes when i choose back to the map after completing level

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[ Matt]MattAnonymous 02 Aug 2012 20:44

Game crashes when loading level. Currently NOT compatible with Mountain Lion.

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[ Mega]MegaAnonymous 03 Aug 2012 02:27

Yeah, It crashes on Mountain Lion when attempting to load some levels or going back to main area.

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[ Guest]GuestAnonymous 21 Aug 2012 20:13

Same problem here. Emailed the devs and steam but not heard anything. Posted in the SMB forums, but nothing…

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[ brendon]brendonAnonymous 06 Sep 2012 22:04

I'm having the same problem with mountain lion :'(

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[ Dillon Chr]Dillon ChrAnonymous 07 Nov 2012 17:04

It seems everyone else is experiencing the same problem as me. Sometimes I can play one level, sometimes I can't get past the "Use a gamepad" screen in the beginning. But worked great before updating my Mac to Mountain Lion.

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