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SmartDay is an integrated organizer that automatically schedules tasks into the free time in your calendar. SmartDay uses adaptive logic to organize your projects, tasks, appointments and check-lists. The included Cloud hub (free) keeps you connected across all of your Macs and PC's, and syncs with our iPad organizer, SmartPad.

Beauty in Simplicity

SmartDay was inspired by Steve Jobs' obsession with zen and simple design: it drops down from the top menu bar on your Mac into a minimalist column of focused information, and can dock unobtrusively to either side of the desktop. The design allows you to stay on task while minimizing desktop clutter and maximizing the space available for other critical software applications. A full-featured task and project manager folds out into a second column and features pre-set "smart" filters for increased efficiency and clarity.

Discrete but instantly available

Pin or hide SmartDay on your desktop; You can always find SmartDay because it's on the status bar on the top of your Mac!


SmartDay synchronizes with our free browser-based organizer so you can access your information anywhere, from any computer. It also synchronizes with SmartPad, our iPad organizer. Now you can keep organized and integrated in your office, at home, or on the go. SmartDay also syncs both events and reminders with iCal (except read-only calendars), providing connectivity to external calendars such as iCloud, BusyCal, Exchange, Outlook and Google.

How it works

Organize tasks into different project categories. SmartDay then integrates them into one combined Task list. User Smart filters to sort and filter. SmartDay automatically schedules those tasks into the free time in your current day, placing them directly into your calendar. The integrated calendar adapts as time passes, so tasks that you do not complete simply get pushed down the time line and stay persistent - they will be at the top of your calendar tomorrow! In the Task list, drag tasks into the "Do Today" section to see what fits (some other tasks may automatically drop out), and in the Day Calendar, drag the shaded "working hours" pane to allow more - or less - tasks to flow in from the Task list. Integrated, interactive, and intuitive. Now you have direct control over your day.

GTD becomes GTDo

Our unique GTDo filter picks the top task from each project category, and schedules them into your current day. Mark one as "done" and the next task from that category automatically replaces it. This is an excellent and easy way to stay focused.

View your entire day in the drop-down: Mini-month, Focus Pane, and Day Calendar.
Tap on the Mini-month to navigate to other days.
Focus Pane shows all-day events, plus tasks that are due.
Day Calendar shows your appointments, plus tasks that fit.
Drag and drop Events from the Day Calendar into Mini Month to re-organize on the fly.
Drag and drop Tasks from the Day Calendar into Mini Month to change their de

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