Cars: The Video Game

Unknown in 10.8

Doesn't work in 10.7

Cars: The Video Game

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Driven to succeed, Lightning McQueen the hotshot rookie race-car is headed across country to take on the Piston Cup Championship. But along the way, McQueen gets sidetracked in the sleepy town of Radiator Springs-where he gets to know some of the most offbeat characters around. And where they help him realize there are more important things than trophies and fame. So fasten your seat belt and get ready for wildly fast and funny adventures with all your favorite characters from the Disney/Pixar blockbuster "Cars."

Version 1.0u
Developer Rainbow Studios
Status Unknown

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This is the first title in the Cars series of games. As this game is Power PC, it will not function under OS X Lion

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[ Darren]DarrenAnonymous 21 Jul 2011 11:03

Does not work in OS X Lion as this game is Power PC.

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No NameNo NameAnonymous 19 Aug 2011 19:19

UB / Intel-processor-Mac compatible updater for Cars has been available for years.
Version 1.0u: Makes the full game a universal binary for compatibility with both PowerPC and Intel Macs."

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