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SheepShaver is an Open Source PowerPC Mac OS run-time environment. That is, it enables you to run PowerPC Classic Mac OS software on your computer, even if you are using a different operating system. However, you still need a copy of Mac OS and a PowerMacintosh ROM image to use this program. SheepShaver is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Version 2.3.20101106
Developer Open Source
Status Works fine

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Works fine for me, but I've only used it with the old Shanghai II game. I'm sure there are probably plenty of issues with other applications and system features.

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Lion (10.7) Comments

[ ]robspeed 22 May 2011 21:43

Currently running it in DP3. Seems about as (un)stable as it was in every other version of OS X.

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[ ]Keyvan 24 Jul 2011 19:11

Worked very well on a MacBook Air 11' running OS X Snow Leopard.
Now it doesn't work anymore. It freezes on startup with Lion 10.7 first public release (11A511).

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[ darth andersen]darth andersenAnonymous 26 Jul 2011 08:32

Here's a positive report of it running on 10.7(11A511)

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RogerRogerAnonymous 19 Oct 2011 18:53

I'm being held back from upgrading to Lion 10.7, because SheepShaver (which I completely rely on to run a critically irreplaceable OS9 application on Snow Leopardl). Any definitive info on a SheepShaver source that is 10.7 compatible?

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[ David Crowe]David CroweAnonymous 14 Jan 2012 21:09

I cannot get SheepShaver to recognize the CD drive with Iion. I took an OS9.2.2 .smi file and converted it to .dmg. When that didn't work, I burned the .dmg to a RW-CD. When it tries to boot all I get is the floppy with question mark. Tried both settings of the "Boot from" preference. Tried disabling the CD-ROM and then re-enabling. No use.

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