iPhone 3G

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iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G
Device type iPhone
Model identifier iPhone1,2
Release year 2007
Processor 600 MHz (412 Mhz downclock) SAMSUNG ARM11-based
Display 3.5"

Actual OS support:

  • Shipped: iPhone OS 2.0*
  • Maximum: iOS 4.2.1

*Was not called iOS until the release of the iPad (2010) and after dispute resolution with Cisco Systems

Network Types: GSM+EDGE, 3G UMTS/HSDPA


  • US: AT&T
  • Rest of world: Orange, T-Mobile (DEU), Vodafone, others

A slightly modified version of the original model, the iPhone 3G is often noted for nothing else but its inclusion of support for 3G technologies, a move pundits claimed was long past due, and which allowed for a two-to-threefold increase in data throughput where 3G services were available.

But perhaps more striking, to the technically inclined, was that the iPhone 3G and the new iPhone OS 2.0 permitted the use of Apple-monitored custom apps via the App Store on iTunes. It would not take long for developers to sign up and let their creative juices flow.

Other Notes:

  • Though allowed to run iOS 4.x, the iPhone 3G cannot multitask
  • Some users have reported responsiveness and/or stability concerns under iOS 4.x

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