Mac mini (Early/Late 2006)

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Mac mini (Early/Late 2006)

Mac mini (Early/Late 2006)
Device type Mac Mini
Model identifier Macmini1,1
Release year 2006
Processor 1.5 GHz Core Solo or 1.66-1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo
Display N/A (BYOD)

Architecture details:

  • CPU: 32-bit
  • EFI: 32-bit
  • Graphics: 32-bit

OS Support:

  • Shipped: Mac OS X 10.4.4-10.4.8 Tiger (Intel)
  • Maximum: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
  • Windows: XP. Vista (32)

This third-generation Mac mini, actually the first in the Intel architecture, delivered significant performance improvements over the PowerPC models. However, it had been heavily criticized because of somewhat underpowered hardware versus other Intel Macs of the day: first, Apple opened with a single-core chip when all other Macs used dual-core chips or better; second, the Mac mini dropped a discrete ATI GPU for an Intel IGP that was much less capable (by multiple accounts). It was also encased in the same impossible-to-upgrade 6"x6"x2" cube as the previous models. Still, the mini's shape and features for-the-price continued to make it an attractive target for media-center mavens and cluster-computing enthusiasts. Never mind that the mini had already gained cult status (at least within the computer modification community) for being hack-friendly.

Other Notes:

  • Since the CPU in this model is socketed (Socket M), it is possible to install a 2006-07 Core2 family CPU in lieu of any original CPU, though the process is quite involved and requires that the system's EFI ROM is the latest available.
  • Given the above, Lion will be possible on this model, but a software hack will be needed.
  • Model was speed-bumped in September of '06, before other Macs were refreshed using Core2 CPU's

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I got Lion on mine just fine. Working on upgrading it to Mountain Lion tonight.

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