How to contribute

How to contribute

Contributing to the RoaringApps knowledge-base couldn't get much easier. Just follow the simple steps below…

Adding a new application

  1. Choose which app you're going to add
    1. …it can be one from your dock, an app you've developed or just something you stumbled across on the web. At this stage, it doesn't matter if you don't know the compatibility status of the app - we're just trying to grow the knowledge-base to include as many apps as we can, and we'll update their statuses as news comes to hand.
  2. Check the existing apps
    1. To ensure you don't double up, check the existing apps to make sure yours hasn't been added yet.
  3. Good to go
    1. Once you've confirmed the app isn't already listed, click the add new app button and fill out the fields.
  4. Remember to click save
    1. All done? Great - just remember to click the save button so that the app is added to the database.

Now that you're acquainted with the site, you should consider joining the community so you can update application profiles as well.


Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find answers to some common questions that will help get you on your feet around here. If your question isn't answered below, just head over to the forums where we'll be glad to help you out.

What's with the Developer field?

The Developer field is a special type of form field that helps us easily link applications to their developers. It is a little bit unusual, and you may not have seen something like it before, but it does a pretty good job of keeping things in order.

When selecting the developer, first browse through the drop-down list to see if the developer has already been added. If not, select the create new option, and an input field will appear. Input the developer's name, and then press enter - the field will go blank for a little bit as it saves the new developer, and then voila - they're in the list.

What if the app is open source?

For applications that are open source, and have no clearly defined developer, select the Open Source option from the Developer drop down list.

How big should the icon be? And what file type?

The ideal size when uploading an application's icon is 128px square. Mac icon files (.icns) are unfortunately not supported - the best format to use is .png.