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Vemedio has been founded in March 2008 by Martin Hering as the successor of CocoaMade, formally known for it’s video converting tool XRay Video. We are focused on making excellent designed applications for Mac OS X and iPhone.

Martin Hering has been the developer of leading media applications at equinux for three years, where he gained a lot of experience in shipping quality grade applications with intuitive interfaces.

He has found Vemedio to finally get started on his own projects and being able to do the things his way. Vemedio develops a streamlined collection of both home and pro applications that make the life of our customers easier and more fun. These applications are built to be good citizens in the environment of our customers and work great together with other apps.

In 2010 Vemedio moved from a small office in sub-urban Ludwigsburg, Germany into the Film- und Medienzentrum Ludwigsburg.

Developer: Vemedio

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