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RoaringApps is powered by, and each forum post and application comment is an individual wiki page. This means all the wonderfully easy Wikidot syntax can be used in your comments across the site. To help get you on your feet, here's a short overview of some handy syntax.

Regular text formatting
Syntax Formatted text
**bold** bold
//italic// italic
__underline__ underline
--strikethrough-- strikethrough
{{teletype}} teletype
normal^^superscript^^ normalsuperscript
normal,,subscript,, normalsubscript
##blue|predefined colour## predefined colour
##AAAAAA|custom colour## custom colour
normal[[footnote]]Footnote text[[/footnote]] normal1
Syntax Result Notes
[ Apple Website] Apple Website External link
[[[app:10|]]] Coda Internal link2
[[[app:10| visit Coda app]]] visit Coda app Internal link3

Images can be inserted using the following syntax. All attributes (except image source url) are optional and can be removed.

[[image width="100px" height="100px" alt="alt text" title="Image title" link="" style="extra CSS styling"]]
Quote block

> This is a quote block.

This is a quote block

Code block

<div class="myDiv"></div>

<div class="myDiv"></div>

For syntax highlighting of code, use [[code type="myType"]], where myType can be php, html, cpp, css, diff, dtd, java, javascript, perl, python, ruby, or xml.

[[code type="html"]]
<div class="myDiv"></div>

<div class="myDiv"></div>

If you need any help understanding the syntax, feel free to ask below.

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