Uploading icons: Tutorial

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A lot of apps don’t have icons. It’s simple.

Open the /Applications folder; right-click on the app you’re discussing, and click “Get info.” Left-click the icon at the top-left of the “Get info” window, next to the app’s name, once: it will become selected and display a blue border. Hit ⌘C.

Open /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Icon Composer.app; hit ⌘V. Save the file with ⌘S.

Open the resultant .icns file with Preview.app. Use File > Save As… to export the file as a .png (with alpha-layer!)

Upload that .png to the app’s page here on RoaringApps.

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I'm adding/replacing any I run into. AppCleaner's and Bar Code Pro's icons are some that need replacing though still – if anyone has those applications.

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An easier way is…

1. Right click the app, click Get Info
2. Click the app icon, hit cmd-c to copy
3. Open Preview.app, hit cmd-n (to open new from clipboard), then save the file somewhere
4. Now hit cmd-shift-s to export, select PNG from the drop down. Upload and you're done!

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