Lion on Macbook Core Duo!

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just a quick note - I installed Lion on an external USB drive connected to a Mac Mini Core 2 Duo, then removed


and the drive then booted on my Macbook Core Duo 1.83 with no issues!


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I don't own a Mac so forgive my ignorance… but are you saying that attempting to install it directly on to the Macbook Core Duo 1.83 would not work?

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No, Lion only officially supports 64bit (ie Core 2 Duo and above) machines - so in theory it should not work but it seems Apple are still compiling it for 32bit only machines

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Lion works fine on any Core 2 Duo or later Mac. It is not specific to 32 or 64 bit. The early Mac Mini's were 32-bit only, but had Core 2 Duo CPUs. All of the beta releases worked fine in 32 bit mode, and so does the final release.

Also, you can still boot into 32 bit mode by holding the "3" & "2" on boot up, on most Mac's running Lion.

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