Adobe Creative Suite 3?

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Anyone got a copy of CS3 that they can test on Lion?

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I just installed CS5 and it worked fine. Do not know if that helps you or not.

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Would love to know if CS3 has any problems or not, as I haven't had the need to upgrade to CS5 yet…would like to know if I'll run into any problems or not using CS3 on Lion.

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The best thing to do is probably check the individual applications' pages on here. Make sure to look under the "Versions" section in the applications' pages since you are looking for the CS3 versions.

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I'm happy to report that CS3 works just fine with Lion. When launching Illustrator, I got a popup message giving me an opportunity to download and install some Java thing that was needed, which I did. Other than that, everything's working great — faster than ever, in fact. I still think it's wise to upgrade past CS3 when funds permit, and I'll do that, but for now? What a relief!

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