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For a while now I've wanted the ability to categorise apps, but there's been no easy and intuitive way to achieve this. That is, until a couple of days ago when was updated with a new feature, allowing me to implement a slick and easy-to-use tagging system. So now, you can categorise apps just by clicking on the appropriate tag under the 'Tags' heading.

new application tagging system

An app can have multiple tags, and currently active tags are coloured green. Click on a green tag to remove it. Over the coming days I'll add some better ways to explore apps based on their categories, but in the meantime, feel free to get tagging!

The available tags were taken directly from the App Store categories section. If you think there should be more or less tags available for you to choose from, please let me know below.

Also accompanying the update is a slightly modified app page, with Versions, Tags and Notes now in 3 easily defined collapsible blocks.

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How about a category like "Internet"? Somewhere where you can place web browsers, web plug-ins, web extensions, etc. Is there a category currently that they can fit under? I don't really see them fitting under "Utilities" like other apps I know that belong under that category.

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Agreed! I've just added an 'Internet' tag. Sorry about the delay.

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