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Today I am very delighted to be able to introduce a new feature to RoaringApps that will make it easier to browse and find apps in the database. The Index (as I'm calling it) allows you to select apps based on the first letter or number in an app's title. This is something that seems pretty simple but is nigh on impossible to do by default with Wikidot (which hosts RoaringApps). Enter the API, and the wonderful services of Shane Smith, who coded up a little program for me to make implementing this a breeze.

Currently, any new app that is added will need to be processed before showing up in the index list (but it will appear in the default table straight away). Processing will occur within 24 hours of any new app being added.

The Index is only available on the Apps Table at the moment, but the Grid will be supported soon too. I hope you find The Index makes browsing RoaringApps an easier experience, and I welcome any feedback or suggestions below.


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Thanks for the mention & link back :)

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