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I want to look up every app on my Mac. For each app, right now the process is

  • Type in the app's name
  • Look at a progress bar for several seconds
  • Click the appropriate search result
  • Look at the icon

This is a quite complicated and lengthy beyond just a few apps. I wish it could be

  • Type in the app's name
  • Wait briefly for the app's status to be fetched via AJAX, and then see a big honkin' icon, alongside a link to the full wiki page for more info.

Ideally, of course, would be a Mac app that would go through your applications and show you a list of non-compatible apps, but that may be a bit much to hope for. And of course I understand if none of this is possible due to limitations in Wikidot, which I know nothing about.

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I know this is far from ideal, but unfortunately, as you pointed out, it's the best we can do due to limitations of Wikidot. Once you've found an app, you can add it to your dock (link in sidebar) so that it is easier to find later on. Apps in your dock appear on your profile page, and there is a link to view them in the grid which shows their compatibility (the applications folder in the dock).
There's a link to your profile page in the top bar.


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