Chrono Trigger

works fine in iOS 6

works fine in iOS 5

Chrono Trigger

Supports iCloud

Supports retina graphics

Chrono Trigger icon

The Kingdom of Guardia opens the Millennial Fair, celebrating 1,000 years as the ruling dynasty of the world.

A boy named Crono has overslept on this day, as a princess strikes out against her stodgy noble upbringing, and a pair of inventors shows off its latest idea.

Little does each realize, their paths will soon cross in a most peculiar way—one that will weave an adventure into the very fabric of history itself!

Version 1.0.3
Developer Square Enix
Status works fine



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New since 1.0.2:

  • Solved iOS 5 graphics glitches
  • Fixed some (more) minor bugs
  • New localizations added

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