Final Fantasy IV

some problems in iOS 6

some problems in iOS 5

Final Fantasy IV

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The Kingdom of Baron was at once peaceful and prosperous, getting along with the world until the King turned hungry for the power bestowed by the Crystals within it. Its airships and dark knights were in high regard as the mightiest of all armies—until the first raid on the remote mage village of Mysidia.

Now, Cecil, Dark Knight Captain and Commander of the Baron Red Wings, must come to grips with unspeakable atrocity, and so begins to question his orders. Meanwhile, docile creatures across the land have turned savage. What is the cause?

This can only be the start of yet another adventure—one of the most prolific and popular games in the Final Fantasy series—now on iOS!

Version 1.1.0
Developer Square Enix
Status some problems



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New in this release:

  • Fixes a sound driver bug that caused the game to crash

Known issues:

  • Has minor issues with FMV cutscene track sync (audio sometimes overlaps as video rolls forward) at:
    • Darkness and Light, Part II
    • Palom and Porom
    • Escape from the Underworld
    • Edge's Rage
    • The Four Fiends

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