some problems in iOS 6

works fine in iOS 5


Supports iCloud

Supports retina graphics

Viber icon

After upgrading to ios6 i loose all my viber messages when i restar the iphone. Help i lost very important messages.

Developer Viber Media Inc.
Status works fine



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Doesn't work properly if installed on ios4.0 iphone 4 which is then upgraded to ios5.

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[ eaglejf]eaglejfAnonymous 14 Oct 2011 21:48

Not working at all!!
iPhone 3GS 32GB, iOS 5 upgraded and Viber 2.1.0 update installed. Keeps crashing everytime I open it. Can only see 1 line of the message in the notification center with locked screen!

Any help?

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[ eaglejf]eaglejfAnonymous 15 Oct 2011 04:28

Updated now to 2.1.1!! Back on service!! Viber support was exellent!!!

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[ marcel]marcelAnonymous 15 Oct 2011 23:55

iPhone 4 32GB, IOS5 upgraded and Viber crashed when i tried to start again. Delete the Viber app, and reinstaled, now i did not receive the MSN or phone call to get the new code, mi telephone number is from Mexico City. Any problem with Telcel in Mexico guys, or is the app that need an upgrade to work with iOS5 ? best regards

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agagAnonymous 17 Oct 2011 08:39

Updated to iOS5 and Viber still have NO Viber contacts in my list.
Hast this functionality been tested with iOS5 ?

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AndyAndyAnonymous 17 Oct 2011 11:08

Viber breaks for me after the ios5 update.
My old viber contacts dont work anymore, yet I received a text from a friend who hasn't updated to ios5 and it came through, only it showed his number as the contact.
So now there are 2 contact for the same person.
No other contacts works.
Upgraded to latest viber version today, no difference.
Will try a re-install and report back.

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AndyAndyAnonymous 17 Oct 2011 11:17

Reporting back:
Re-install fixes contacts issue, PIN came through almost instantly, but now I've lost all my old messages.
Oh well, at least it works now.

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LindaLindaAnonymous 20 Oct 2011 14:43

After installed iOS 5,my old viber stop funtioning.then I reinstalled but cound't work.i did't receive phone calls for the what should I do then?i need it urgently because I have been using viber a lot nd some calls are very important.pls help e ASAP.thanks

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[ Pasha]PashaAnonymous 21 Oct 2011 18:58

I have to iphone 4 unlocked and updated to ios 5, one works fine but the other one the contacts gone, and message appears in one line in the notification bar but it disappears inside viber, and no calls or message can be made, ive reinstalled viber and even restored ios5 still no luck, need help………………

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[ Hurrican]HurricanAnonymous 22 Oct 2011 13:19

Upgraded to ios 5, now every time i restart my iphone i loose all my message history.

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[ Pasha]PashaAnonymous 23 Oct 2011 10:38

There is a problem with the latest version, Viber working on data connection but not on wifi.

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[ TTK]TTKAnonymous 30 Oct 2011 10:12

Installed on iOS 5 after upgrading to ios5. Lose all my messages every time I restart phone

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[ Nicebag]NicebagAnonymous 01 Nov 2011 09:52

+1 for loosing messages after restart.

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bjprcbjprcAnonymous 03 Nov 2011 03:51

After installing latest iPhone software (V. 5) and viber software ( I also lost all previous messages, every time I restart the iPhone. Well at least I am not alone.

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ViberViberAnonymous 03 Nov 2011 10:32

Hi everyone,
This a member of Viber Development Team.

Few things:

  • Viber 2.1.2 should fix many of the issues mentioned above, please try it out and let us know what you think.
  • RE: loosing msg history: We are aware of this issue and we will have a fix shortly.

In the mean time, if you shut down Viber (exit and close the app) before shutting down your Phone, the message history should remain intact. This is only a temporary work around, and we should have this issue resolved very soon.

If you have more question feel free to ask. :)
Viber Team

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[ bigmacca24]bigmacca24Anonymous 04 Nov 2011 22:02

uninstalled and reinstalled via appstore, still crashes every time i try to open it. is there any way to get the old version until these issues are resolved? i have ios 3.1.3 on iphone 3g

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[ delete]deleteAnonymous 05 Nov 2011 10:42

still cant get it to work…contacts all gone.

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RkRkAnonymous 05 Nov 2011 22:20

I have thesame problem oflost contacts. Till yesterday i had all contacts and getting the notifications of new contacts koining viber as well.
But suddenly today all contacts vanished.
I have not synced with itunes nor done anything to the app.
I am on version amd i habe deleted and re-installed the app

How do i get thecontacts back?


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[ ]Anonymous 05 Nov 2011 22:24

I have version
Till yesterday i had all the contacts…but now they are gone now.
I reinstalled the app but to no avail.

Pls help

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ViberViberAnonymous 06 Nov 2011 11:03

@bigmacca24 -
Please note that Viber does not officially support iPhone 3G at this stage, as stated in our website (we support iPhone 3Gs and above), and that is probably the reason for the problems you are experiencing. We are looking into the problem at the moment, and we hope to come up with a solution soon.

@delete and @Rk (about the missing contacts problem) -
Please try the following workaround:

Open Viber and find a person you know who has Viber in the "All" contact list. To reboot synchronization, change a digit, save and exit the contact list. Open contact again, change the digit back to the original, correct number, save and exit. Wait for approximately 10 minutes and see if the contact is now recognized as a Viber user.

If this doesn't work, please enter Viber's DialPad and try to manually dial the number in its FULL format (including the "+" sign, the country code, area code, etc.)

Please let me know if it helped or not.

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[ salom]salomAnonymous 06 Nov 2011 23:29

hi,, i foregut my viber code..
how can get it again? bcuz i want to put the same phone number..

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[ lara]laraAnonymous 08 Nov 2011 21:32

sicne my upgrade of iso 5 with iphone 4 lost all my msg and phone not recognising any one in address book as viber user. i can receive calls and text but can't send any back!

when are viber going to fix this issue???

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[ caroline]carolineAnonymous 09 Nov 2011 23:38

i get viber notifications ( ios5) then when i open the app the messages do not appear. please fix!

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[ Cheryl]CherylAnonymous 11 Nov 2011 16:48

boo.. it deleted all my messages when i upgraded to ios5

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[ ifff]ifffAnonymous 14 Nov 2011 07:48

iphone 4s iso 5.0.1 with viber

after upgrade, all messages, history are gone

viber shows no contacts - no viber contact, nothing in all contact, no favorites

even i tried to add contact manually, it didn't show in viber and crashed (but the contact eventually appeared in my iphone contact)

also, even navigating in viber apps, it crashed everytime in different part of the apps.

but I did try to call other viber user by manually key in the phone number, it works. other viber user can call me but only phone number is showing

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ViberViberAnonymous 14 Nov 2011 13:21

@salom: uninstall Viber> wait 24 hours> re-install Viber and setup again.
You'll receive a new access code. :)

*Contact list on iOS 5:
There seems to be an issue in general with contact list on iOS 5. Please check:

  • Message history:

We are aware of this issue and we will have a fix shortly.
In the mean time, if you shut down Viber (exit and close the app) before shutting down your Phone, the message history should remain intact. This is only a temporary work around, and we should have this issue resolved very soon.

  • Viber Crash/ Msgs do not appear:

For further assistance please contact our support team via:


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[ Crazybird]CrazybirdAnonymous 18 Nov 2011 14:53

My i-phone 3G worked perfectly for months when ringing and texting my daughter in Australia until I foolishly downloaded the latest update and now we cannot make contact at all. She has an i-phone 4 and we chatted happily. I've persuaded all my friends to join Viber and now it doesnt work - normally updates also have backward compatibility and I know Viber doesn't support it on 3G but when it was working perfectly and was my only contact with my daughter and grandchildren, obviously I am disappointed. What really is the problem?

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[ Assaf]AssafAnonymous 18 Nov 2011 20:50

I use Iphone 3gs with Ios 5
After updating IOS and Viber it keeps on requesting that I will turn push notification for it to ON
Which is fully one…
Basically it does not work anymore///

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[ Amir]AmirAnonymous 19 Nov 2011 23:18

I have the same problem as Assaf. It keep requesting push notifications to be turn on even though they are.

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ViberViberAnonymous 21 Nov 2011 13:36

@Crazybird - Viber needs to run on a multi-tasking device, which does not include iPhone 3G and below. :/
However, you may try and use it with iOS 4 though this combination is not optimal and may cause unexpected behavior. If you are experiencing unexpected behavior we recommend that you close all other open applications on the iPhone to see if this resolves any issue for you.

We are working 24/7 to find a full resolution to this matter. Please stay updated on our Facebook page.

@Assaf and @Amir-
Please check the following link in order to make sure you have enabled the Push Notification properly:

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[ JY]JYAnonymous 21 Nov 2011 15:47

I have lost all my contacts on my iphone after installing VIBER…

They seem to be transferred to Viber.

When pple call in, it only shows number.

Please help on how to restore my contacts back to Iphone contact list instead of inside Viber.


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[ sani]saniAnonymous 23 Nov 2011 10:18

Save all your photos and movies onto your computer before you do the following;
1. Connect your phone to the computer.
2. Go onto itunes.
3. Click on your device.
4. Go to the summary tab
5. Restore your phone settings as if its a new phone.
6. When the option to use iclouds comes on after it restores select 'No'.
7. Complete the process and then reinstall viber on your phone.

It will work like normal but make sure you save all your photos and movies onto your compter before you do this because you will lose everything besides your contacts.

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ViberViberAnonymous 23 Nov 2011 13:04

@JY - Do you mean that your regular device's contact list is empty?
Viber can't cause such thing… Maybe you have updated to iOS 5?

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[ anonymous]anonymousAnonymous 30 Nov 2011 03:13

i downloaded viber on my iphone 4 v5 but it didnt send me a code. when i press the no code i found out that viber is blocked by a network here in the U.A.E. so i cnt really read wats written der. Viber team cn u pls. just tell me the solution here? by the way i was able to download and use viber on my old iphone 3g and it stil work til now.


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ViberViberAnonymous 30 Nov 2011 13:57

@anonymous - Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options). If this doesn't help, contact our support team at and give them the details of the problem.

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[ Assaf Gurner]Assaf GurnerAnonymous 01 Dec 2011 09:38

I have iphone 3gs, not 3g..
Viber used to run great on ios 4 the problems began after moving to ios5..
…and yes.. my push notification are set properly…
It seems like some bug, can u assist?

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ViberViberAnonymous 02 Dec 2011 11:10

@Assaf -
Please contact our support team (section designated for forum/blog users) and elaborate on the problem. They will provide you with further assistance:

Thank you in advance.

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[ zaif1000]zaif1000Anonymous 05 Dec 2011 15:43

I have iphone 3G v4.1.
I can only receive calls when viber is running otherwise it doesnt show if someone is calling. while the calling party is getting the ringing tone. Push notifications are set properly as well.
ANy help?

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ViberViberAnonymous 08 Dec 2011 14:54

@zaif1000 - Is your device jailbroken?
Which Viber version do you have?

Please check the following link in order to make sure you have enabled the Push Notification properly:

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AkikayAkikayAnonymous 14 Dec 2011 10:36

please help me I can't open my message in viber.

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ViberViberAnonymous 14 Dec 2011 13:55

@Akikay - What do you mean? What device do you have?
Please elaborate and we'll be happy to assist. :)

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[ flame]flameAnonymous 19 Dec 2011 01:13

Got my new 4s and after I restore all backup from old 3gs (including workable viber)
But now viber crashed everytime i click the app(darken screen and loaded for 10 secs)
I tried reinstall and didnt work
I tried turn off icloud and didnt work

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ViberViberAnonymous 20 Dec 2011 13:04

@flame - Please try to uninstall Viber and download it from the Appstore.
Is your device jailbroken?

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[ Ivo]IvoAnonymous 22 Dec 2011 00:39

Earlier mentioned problem. I get a notitication of a message but disappears or no message inside viber… :(

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[ R]RAnonymous 23 Dec 2011 23:09

Even uninstalled and downloaded from Appstore doesn't help, mine is staying on the loading page and then the app automatically ended itself.

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[ Natpin]NatpinAnonymous 23 Dec 2011 23:35

Same problem as Ivo. het a notification but when opening it, it disappears. Why? I have a 3GS with IOS 5

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[ nick]nickAnonymous 25 Dec 2011 15:42

I installed Viber on my Iphone 4s and when I try to use it, it asks me to turn the notification on when it is on… help needed…

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ViberViberAnonymous 26 Dec 2011 13:22

@Ivo and @Naptin - This is a known issue which will be resolved shortly. Please make sure that you stay current with our version updates. It may help to change 'banners' to 'alerts' on Viber's Push Notification settings as a temporary workaround.
We kindly thank you for your patience.

@R - Please contact our support team and elaborate on the problem: Thanks!

@nick - Please check:

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[ sara]saraAnonymous 30 Dec 2011 15:00

same as ivo and natpin, got a notification of a message, but there's no message inside.

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[ AyeMe]AyeMeAnonymous 31 Dec 2011 17:11

I use iPod touch 4G, i dwlded viber thn i chat with my bf frm anth country, it was fine till i upgrade sdd sometimes whn my bf sms me i c it at my notification but only one line. Whn i open it there is no msg, really upset guys, this cud cause us arguements can anyone help, pls,,,!

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[ Kevin P]Kevin PAnonymous 01 Jan 2012 15:52

Hello, I use a iPhone 3GS on iOS5, each time I receive a notification of a message, the message disappears/gets deleted when I open up Viber. Hope for a fix! :/

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ViberViberAnonymous 02 Jan 2012 15:09

@sara, @AyeMe and @Kevin - Like we said before, this is a known issue which will be resolved shortly. Please make sure that you stay current with our version updates. It may help to change 'banners' to 'alerts' on Viber's Push Notification settings as a temporary workaround.
We kindly thank you for your patience.

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[ Azraziel]AzrazielAnonymous 04 Jan 2012 09:59

Hello, I use a iPhone 4 on iOS5.0.1 (jailbroken) I have installed the latest Viber version however, when making calls it just ring and rings, but the other line says call was already drops. Text messaging has no problem. Does I have the same problem with the rest? Thanks.

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[ G]GAnonymous 06 Jan 2012 06:46

I'm having similar issues…have iPhone 4S, installed and uninstalled Viper many times and the app still does not load. Got the code, add it in but cannot finish the installation. what is the issue? thanks.

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[ Kenmax]KenmaxAnonymous 07 Jan 2012 06:50

3GS with ios5 jailbreak, viber keep saying "loading", I tried to uninstall and install it again but It just did'nt work.

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[ Ellen]EllenAnonymous 08 Jan 2012 14:27

I deleted my viber by clicking the 'x' button on my phone because it wasn't working properly and now I have restored it. I'm having no trouble with it but I would really love to retrieve all my other messages from my old viber account…how would I go about restoring those messages? I have the iphone3gs and the latest viber;)

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ViberViberAnonymous 09 Jan 2012 15:55

@Azraziel - Jailbroken devices are not supported by Viber. However, you may try the following solution and that might help:

@G and @Kenmax - Is youe device jailbroken? Does Viber crash after the unsuccessful loading process?

@Ellen - Unfortunately, Viber does not store records, such as user text messages or conversations. Viber only stores information such as is mentioned in our privacy policy. Please view our privacy policy at:

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[ Maria]MariaAnonymous 10 Jan 2012 08:39

Hi, Having a problem with the latest version of Viber on iPhone 4; when ive been offline and come back online, it says i have messages and i can see the short version on the locked screen but when i go into Viber they aren't there! It's not as though I've even been offline for long, sometimes only an hour or two. Are you aware of this issue and is there a fix?

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ViberViberAnonymous 10 Jan 2012 13:14

@Maria- This is a known issue which will be resolved shortly. Make sure that you stay current with our version updates. It may help to change 'banners' to 'alerts' on Viber's Push Notification settings as a temporary workaround. We kindly thank you for your patience.

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[ Tahmina]TahminaAnonymous 11 Jan 2012 01:23

i have lost my viber icon from my iphone4 screen cannot reinstall it as it shows that it is already installed how to restore my viber icon

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[ Steve]SteveAnonymous 12 Jan 2012 10:33

I have a iPhone 4, ios5. Installation got past the access code entry and then it shows message "Loading" with background showing "No fiber contacts yet". The problem is the "Loading" just ends with the app crashing.

Same experience each time I try to use the app. Sometimes I have to re-enter phone number and access code but still it never worked. Please help

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[ Kenmax ]Kenmax **Anonymous** 15 Jan 2012 02:43

Yes my 3GS is iOS5 and Jailbroken. It keeps says "loading"and then crashed.

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[ Tomfu]TomfuAnonymous 15 Jan 2012 16:24

My 3GS is iOS5, latest Viber installed but keep loading for ten sec. then quit. I have already turned on Notification, but still not working

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[ chloe]chloeAnonymous 16 Jan 2012 02:37

My messages are also only showing as a preview then disappearing when i enter viber. You keep telling people to adjust the banners to alerts but when I do this, it tells me that the app wont work without push notifications and I must leave them switched on

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ViberViberAnonymous 17 Jan 2012 13:16

@Tahmina - This issue happens with iPhone when there are too many applications on the device. You may contact iPhone support for exact details on how to resolve this issue.

@Steve - Please contact our support team and elaborate on the problem: for further assistance.

@Kenmax - Jailbroken devices are not supported. :/ You may to to uninstall and reinstall and that might help/wait to our upcoming version.

@Tomfu - Is your device jailbroken?

@Chloe - Please open a ticket via: and elaborate on the problem. Thanks in advance!

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[ Tomfu]TomfuAnonymous 17 Jan 2012 13:36

My devices is not jailbroken.

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[ Basia]BasiaAnonymous 18 Jan 2012 23:46

Hiya! I have huge problem! My viber crashed today, I couldn't get it running again! I got welcome screen and info than I need to set up my viber! I was trying to do that, but I got message that there's no internet connection! I was on wi-fi and it was working fine, don't know what's that all about. While app isn't working I can still recive txts! My biggest worry is that I just lost 6 months of conversations! I'm still hopping you can help me to get it back, since viber seems to be working in the background or something. I read that, once I remove application, all history is gone, but I didn't remove it, so it must be somewhere. Please help!

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[ Ngd]NgdAnonymous 19 Jan 2012 06:55

My viber stopped working. Kept complaining about no internet connection. Finally I reinstalled viber. Now my conversation history is gone. Can I get it back somehow?

After chatting to someone is it possible to save the conversation somehow? Thank you!

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[ shko]shkoAnonymous 21 Jan 2012 20:55

i have iphone 4 , version 5.0.1 jailbreak
iam downloading viber but dont working at my phone, dont send me the code.. help me pls

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ViberViberAnonymous 23 Jan 2012 12:48

@Tomfu - Please open a ticket via: for further assistance. Thanks!

@Basia and @Ngd - It seems like Viber has been deactivated on your device for some reason. Unfortunately, Viber does not store records, such as user text messages or conversations due to security reasons. Viber only stores information such as is mentioned in our privacy policy. Please view our privacy policy at:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. :\n
'Saving your history' feature is not available yet but you can ask that as 'feature request' via:

@shko - Please try removing Viber, wait 24 hours, reinstall and try again (make sure you try both the SMS and the automated call options). If this doesn't help, contact our support team at and give them the details of the problem.

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[ help]helpAnonymous 25 Jan 2012 11:42


My parents both downloaded Viber on iphone 4 and iphone 4s. The first question they were asked was "Will you allow push notifications". They both said No. Viber then said it wouldnt work without push notifications and told them to switch it on. They followed the instructions on how to turn it on, then pressed Continue - Retry. But nothing happens. They then deleted the app and reinstalled it, hoping to get the 1st question " Will you allow push notifications" so that this time they could say yes Allow. However, when they reinstalled it they no longer were offered that question and it went straight to the Continue - Retry page.

What should they do?

Many thanks

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ViberViberAnonymous 26 Jan 2012 12:14

@help - Please check the following link for solution:

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Kvkvxvmvsa Anonymous 27 Jan 2012 22:05

I've been using Viber for a very long time now and never experienced any troubles. But a few days ago I noticed that I get the push text telling me I got new messages but they won't appear when I start the APP. Today I even tried to call someone and I got a message saying there's no internet connection, although there is.
I have 3GS…
I updated to the new version a couple of hours ago and the problem remains unsolved…

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[ Viber]ViberAnonymous 31 Jan 2012 12:55

@20Kvkvxvmvsa-Please check the next link for further assistance:

Do you use 3G or WIFI?

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[ pedroa]pedroaAnonymous 27 Feb 2012 21:46

Para mi viber es una buena alternativa a skipe junto con tango video, me los baje de y de

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[ Viber]ViberAnonymous 20 Mar 2012 12:53

Hi! If you want to download Viber you can do it via: :)

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[ Rod]RodAnonymous 14 Apr 2012 06:24

Viber closes aer about 609 seconds whether during a call or text. If texting message is lost. This is infurating and time consuming in having to retype everything

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[ Nigel]NigelAnonymous 15 Apr 2012 13:11

After installing viber, it kept telling me to enable push notifications even though I have already enabled it… How to fix this problem

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[ Zach]ZachAnonymous 15 Apr 2012 17:04

it's not working on my iphone 4s with iOS5.1, the VIBER version is

- Crashed all the time and there's no contacts on VIBER contact list although the older version VIBER did work well in my 3Gs

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[ Kayla]KaylaAnonymous 16 Apr 2012 12:32

I had viber for a long time on my iPhone. Then I decided to install it on my iPad aswell but then I noticed that none of my iPhone viber messages were sending so I deleted it on my iPad and started using my phone again and now none of my messages are sending still!!! Please help ASAP thanks

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ManojManojAnonymous 18 Apr 2012 13:20

My friends that I am offline in Viber when I will press the home button. I am running Viber in my Iphone 3G running OS version 4.2.1.
Please help me.

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[ Joe m]Joe mAnonymous 21 Apr 2012 14:03

Viber won't work on my iPhone 4s with the latest upgraded software.
When I open viber and click continue it just says I have to enable viber notifications in the notification centre, the notifications are on.
Phone is not jail broken.
Can anyone help?

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[ shontz]shontzAnonymous 30 Apr 2012 22:38

i have two iphone 4's (not 4s) that ive synced the same data information to, for example contacts and apps and music etc…

Viber doesnt give me the code for either phone even though both phones have different number just the same contacts and synced to the same itunes.

Theres been instances where viber only works on the primary phone but never on the secondary phone.

Please help ??

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[ helena]helenaAnonymous 08 May 2012 04:22

How do I retrieve deleted viber messages from both Android and iPhone

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[ Agnes]AgnesAnonymous 14 May 2012 22:39

Hi, i have a samsung galaxy Ace & downloaded viber, which worked fine for me. However, for some reason, it now won't connect for me & all my viber contacts are gone. When I try to update contacts it says 'Viber service is currently unavailable or being blocked'. I am on other apps via the internet so cannot understand what the problem is. I have also uninstalled & reinstalled the app several times - still no good. Please help

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[ lucy]lucyAnonymous 18 May 2012 18:19

Installed viber and it was working.fine until.this morning when I had a pop up saying it wasn't.working. yen I noticed all my photos had been removed from my phone!!! Please help me!!

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[ Toni]ToniAnonymous 23 May 2012 10:31

Is there a possibility for the messages to be kept even if you re-install it? I want to be able to keep the messages even if after re-installing. Please and thank you!

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[ Philip]PhilipAnonymous 05 Jun 2012 23:14

I had lost all my viber messages when i changed from an iphone 4 to 4s, even tho I restored from backup. I tried jailbreaking the phone & lots of other things to try to retrieve them (i could get the data off viber but couldnt read the messages). I could see the messages in viber but couldnt access them because the alert about switching on notifications would keep appearing and I couldn't turn on the notifications with it being jailbroken.. Finally I restored the phone today so it wasnt jailbroken, then restored from backup again. I switched my wifi and 3g off and went into Viber and it worked, all my old messages were there again! Don't know if anyone else had such a problem or if mine was much simpler but i hope this helps someone cos i spent months trying to retrieve them…

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[ Faizzy]FaizzyAnonymous 12 Jun 2012 07:37

Previously it was working on my IOS 4.3, but after updating my IOS version to 5.1.1 it is not working I remove and installed again several times but the response is same.

On my friends jailbroken Iphones it is working perfect,
Any body can tell me how can I fix this coz I can't downgrade my IOS version.



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[ Jo-Ann ]Jo-Ann **Anonymous** 02 Jul 2012 19:33

HI I am unable to receive my access code to start Viber….no SMS or phone call as I had in previous weeks?? Is there a way to have it sent via email?

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[ Jo]JoAnonymous 10 Sep 2012 20:27

Hi. I tried installing viber on iPhone 4.. Which has ios5.. But … I am not able to open viber.. When I try to open it all I get is a blank white and purple screen and then it crashes

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[ Hugo Davanso Flores]Hugo Davanso FloresAnonymous 18 Sep 2012 02:37

I have the same problems of some of you. I have an Iphone 3GS on iOS 5, I've received some messages when it was locked. When I unlocked it, I couldn't read the messages. I don't know why and I've tried everything, switching 3G and Wifi, but it hasn't worked. What I could read of those messages, is that they were from someone not on my contact list, would it be this the real problem? How can I see those messages again? Any ideia?

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[ Tina]TinaAnonymous 26 Oct 2012 15:18


I had my 3G jailbroken, but I restored my original settings and updated my os to 4.2.1.
Can't download Viber because it requires os 4.3. Is there any lower version that is compatible with mine? Badly needed to restore messages. Thanks!

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junaidjunaidAnonymous 01 Nov 2012 16:56

I have iphone 3gs
version 4.2.1
firmware 06.15.00

I can't install any viber

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[ Barbie]BarbieAnonymous 11 Nov 2012 18:45

Hi, I have an iPhone5, transferred my old number to my new sim I installed Viber and it is working great BUT here's the problem….The photo I added of me shows on my phone but to all my contacts they see a different photo of a 'man & woman together! ?? How can I change what they are seeing? I have re-installed Viber about 4 times and tried different photo's - but it still comes up showing this 'couple together'!! Please Help!!….

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[ andy]andyAnonymous 22 Nov 2012 01:42

pls send me a link where i could download viber for my iphon 3g.. T_T

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