unknown in iOS 6

unknown in iOS 5


Supports iCloud

Supports retina graphics

Bump icon

Allows two users to share iPhone and/or Android phone info by "bumping" phones together. And now, you can transfer photos from your device to PC or Mac by bumping the two together!

Version 3.3
Developer Bump Technologies LLC
Website http://bu.mp
Status unknown



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New since 2.5.4:

  • Streamlined UI: now shows only the most-used features by default
  • Can use Bump portal to transfer photos from device to PC, then save locally or share as desired

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[ ]swordzman0611 24 Aug 2012 04:23

Need to fix this app's "letter" Should be under "B"

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[ ]bcammo 28 Aug 2012 04:23

Thanks for pointing this out, all better now.

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