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postComment: "SPSS 20.0 not working with OS X Mountain Lion \n\nNo SPSS 20.0 compatibility update for OS X Mountain Lion on IBM website. \n\nFor IBM assistance for students, you have to first register at IBM website, then you need to complete online form for IBM Service Request (which requires an IBM Customer Number that only your university would have or you may call 1-877-426-6006 to ask if they know your organizations' IBM Customer which is a code of some sort not a telephone number and this dept is only open Mon-Fri 9-6pm EST), then you have to wait to be contacted. You cannot get technical support by phone for SPSS 20.0. \n\nAppleCare has no information about this problem.\n\nNow I'm going to indulge in an frozen mocha. \n"

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