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postComment: "I have verified that I can mount external encrypted hard disks, where the device itself was protected and I did not simply create a TrueCrypt file. Again, I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion. Zero problems.\n\nI am now operating outside my range of expertise, but for what it's worth:\n\n1. I upgraded to osxfuse many moons ago. If I remember correctly, I never uninstalled macfuse, but at some point in the process osxfuse detected it, asked me if I wanted it gone and I said yes. I did manually remove the System Preference panel for macfuse, but that was it.\n\n2. When setting up a new machine and using Apple's Migration Assistant, I have occasionally had problems with TrueCrypt. Reinstalling it has always ended those problems. Probably can't hurt to reinstall osxfuse as well, repair permissions and reboot.\n\n3. When protecting a device, first you select the device. External disks show something like this:\n\n/dev/rdisk2: 1.4 TB\n/dev/rdisk2s1 200 MB\n/dev/rdisk2s2 1.4TB\n\nIt is important to select the sub-partition (rdisk2s2 in this example) for protection; don't try to protect the outer rdisk2.\n\n4. I am not doing anything nonstandard with mount points or options. Very vanilla."

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