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postComment: "I use both Mac and Windows. On the office Mac I run Windows 7 under Parallels and a PC vers of Canvas 9. I have seen no features I need on the newer versions of Canvas. \nAt home I have Canvas 9 on a PC. About four months ago I added Mac version of Canvas X to my iMac running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and it works pretty well.\nHowever I need some of the features of the new OS - I-Cloud and screen sharing between home and office. So I am going to try and partition the home iMac and run the new OS as the primary and keep Snow Leopard and Canvas on the other partition.\nBy the way there is a website dedicated to Canvas users who share tips for some of this problems - www wizaerd dot com - yes I spelled that correctly. There is even news over there that ACD systems is finally starting on a new version of Canvas for Mac!"

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